VSee 2012 New Year’s Release 103


Happy 2012 from the VSee crew!

We’ve kicked off the new year with VSee release for Windows.  Special thanks to Eric, James, Linda, Steve, and Rishi for this release.
Fixes and improvements include:

  1. Fix for sending the same file to multiple users
  2. Improved web proxy traversal
  3. Support for web proxy auto-configuration
  4. Fix for the unexpected appearance of a Proxy Authentication window
  5. Fix for a local video issue when starting VSee on Windows XP

Please note this is a Windows only release.  Contact VSee support for any questions about or problems with this release.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • anne
    Gopalakrishna Palem says:

    Automatically this update was installed when I restarted VSee and from that point onwards, my webcam stopped working !!!

    And most of my other connected people also had the same problem – could not use cam – it starts for sometime and then just freeze.

    Windows 7, 64-bit.

    Please rectify

  • anne
    anne says:

    Hi Gopalakrishna! I’ve created a support ticket for your problem. You may want to check what everyone’s network connection is like. You generally need about 150 kbps per person for a reasonable call.

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