VSee Release 403: App Sharing on Mac is Out!

 width=The long-awaited VSee Mac application-sharing is now available and ready to rock and roll!  Windows users can also look forward to better usability and increased robustness in this latest release.

To enjoy these exciting improvements and changes, make sure your VSee is updated to Windows and Mac  9.0 (11174):

Windows and Mac

  • Instant messaging over HTTPS (especially useful if you’ve had trouble with firewalls that block TCP/5222).
  • Video window re-tiling from the “Collaboration” menu (click on the double person icon located on the bottom right of your local video window).  You can also retile using the shortcuts CTRL Arrow key,  CTRL  +/- keys, and CTRL T.
  • Ability to send files named with non-English characters

Windows only

  • IM timestamps showing when a message was sent
  • More organized window tiling (video windows across top and IM windows across bottom)
  • Improved call performance over HTTPS
  • Improved Automatic Quality Control (noticeable only in large group calls, e.g. 10+ people)
  • Faster, more robust install and auto-update process
  • Fix for call connection issues over web proxies
  • Fix for occasional high CPU usage

Mac only

  • Application-sharing (without annotation or remote control features, no desktop-sharing)
  • Account creation from the VSee login window (instead of from the website)
  • Statistics window
  • Option to only allow specific users for auto-accept
  • Option to start VSee automatically on bootup

Please contact VSee support team with any problems, questions, or suggestions you may have!


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  • anne
    luis guerra says:

    occasional high CPU usage still happening on windows 7 64.
    it is occasional but I still see it everyday. It goes away when you restart vsee but eventually it comes back if your computer is up long enough.

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