VSee Release 702: Improved camera privacy!

 width=Based on user feedback, we’ve improved the camera privacy feature in VSee. Your camera will now only turn on when in a VSee call.

To enjoy these exciting improvements and changes, make sure your VSee is updated to Windows and Mac 10.0 (12472):

Windows and Mac

  • Improved camera privacy: camera only turns on when in a call
  • Various crash fixes to improve robustness
  • Improved window tiling

Windows only

  • Added remote connection type to Statistics window
  • Allow selecting and copying text from Instant Messaging (IM) window
  • Fixed hyperlinks in IM

Mac only

  • Multiple camera support
  • Desktop sharing capability
  • Quick start guide
  • Menu items and keyboard shortcuts for growing and shrinking video window size
  • Change password capability
  • Mouse tracking on VSee address book
  • Video preview in Preferences

Check to make sure you are on this latest version of VSee:

  • Win version – Click the Help icon in the address book –>select “About VSee…” and see if it is the newest version.  VSee will download the newest client for you (which will show as  a checkmark in task tray icon).  Simply restart the program to use the updated VSee.
  • Mac version 10.0 (12472) – Click “VSee” top menu and choose “check for updates.”

Please contact VSee support team with any problems, questions, or suggestions you may have!


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  • christina
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks for these updates! I like how Vsee automatically updated, and I’m really digging the new blue icons in the contact list.
    I’m glad I can select text now, and the windows tiling features are very helpful. Keep up the awesome work!

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