VSee COVID-19 Service Alert – March 25 Update

We are currently experiencing a huge surge in call volume due to COVID-19. Our engineers are working 24/7 around the clock to keep our services up and going while expanding server capacity to meet current demand. 

During this time we may have to disable certain features and free services. You may also experience slower than usual login and connection times.

Please note the following services that may be affected:

Free VSee Messenger

  • Temporarily disabled sign ups for new VSee users
  • Temporarily disabled invites
  • Temporarily disabled chat history
  • Temporarily disabled group chats
  • Slow login and connection times

VSee Messenger Pro

  • Temporarily disabled free VSee user sign ups (from website)*
  • Slow login and connection times

*Please have patients/clients sign up from your VSee invite. (VSee invite video tutorial here)

All VSee Clinic

  • Slow login and connection times

We understand you are depending on our services to see patients and clients and to fight COVID-19. You may want to try to schedule visits outside of peak (Pacific time) business hours.  

Again, we are working as quickly as possible to stabilize VSee’s performance. We deeply appreciate your patience during this transition.

Thank you!

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