VSee New Release 1001 – Synced Chats

VSee update releaseEveryone at VSee is excited to announce the latest release. Here are all the updates and new features. Make sure you have this VSee update:

  • Mac version: 2.7 (19442)
  • Windows version:
  • iPad, iPhone, Android – to be submitted

Special thanks to John and Ruozhen for the new VSee Windows chat UX!

Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows:
Syncing chat messages across devices


  1. New user interface for chat: all chat goes into the same window, separated by tabs.Fixed aux cam isn’t closed on end call
  2. Added PTZ support for Minrray camera
  3. Fixed startup issue for Surface Pro 3 front camera
  4. Disable Windows screensaver during a call
  5. Fixed camera connectivity during AV setup:- UI hang during AV setup
    – Unable to connect to camera


  1. Fixed crash when redisplay a group on address book
  2. Fixed remote video window which can be left open after a group call
  3. Added pushing all windows to foreground if a VSee window is active
  4. Various UI improvements for chat window

We hope you find the new VSee experience better than ever.

Comments ( 7 )
  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    Keith says:

    Ok, so the new VSee Chat window with Tabs is ok for multiple conversations but its huge! Screen real-estate is in short enough supply already.

    Please can we have our small chat window back as an option? This just sat nicely in the corner of my screen instead of occupying a third of my screen width! Maybe switch to the new size only when I have multiple chats ongoing?

  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    anne says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Keith! We will continue to work to improve the VSee chat experience.

  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    aYe says:

    you can clear the chat history, but not on chat window

  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    Monika says:

    I really like the size of the new chat window but it would be very useful to be able to either manually resize it as needed OR have a smaller option.
    I am STILL hoping that you will come up with a way that allows me to DELETE all those extremely irritating “potential vsee invitees” that got added as contacts when I was first setting up a couple of years ago and did not know to say NO when prompted to “add contacts”. There are far too many and most are people I don’t know and had a one time business exchange with. This is the ONLY aspect of Vsee that I truly detest! Please do something so that those of us who choose Vsee over other social network sites can have the option of deleting people we will NEVER invite!

  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    milton says:

    Dear Monika,

    we will have the smaller chat window in the next release – as well as some UI enhancements to the chat window.

    btw, I am very sorry about the potential vsee invitees issue. it was something we struggled w/ a lot. unfortunately almost all our engineers are focused on healthcare applications; thus we would not have time to fix the consumer-side of behavior for at least a few months or potentially even longer. As a small company – we are forced to work on what our customers are requesting – telehealth is heating up in a big way – and our team has been stretched to the breaking point. But I do realize the issue you are facing. thanks and with warmest regards. Milton, CEO

  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    Jamiah says:

    Ah, neat. The designing team took note of my concept artwork that I’ve given you a couple months back, albeit the lack of the VSee stylized coloring that I’ve added but it’s looking great. Excellent work guys.

    I’ll come back to you guys later with my thoughts on the VSee vs Skype call quality, both video and audio.

  • Michael Vegas Mussman
    anne says:

    Glad you like the new design, Jamiah. We appreciate your other design suggestions as well and will take them into consideration. Thanks!

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