VSee Release 901- Find Contacts!

VSee updateThis latest VSee update has just made it easier for you connect with people!  Try out the new Find Contacts feature by making sure your VSee is updated to

Windows version and Mac version 11.0 (13337)

Windows and Mac Improvements

  1. Find Contacts (people finder)
    • Search for users by email or username
    • Get contact recommendations
    • Send invites directly from the client
    • Add contacts from search results
  2. Real names displayed in address book and video instead of email (available shortly after release)
  3. Edit Profile page (in Settings) for changing real name and password
  4. Ability to move contacts between groups with right-click
  5. Open local video window button
  6. Redesigned web invite (available shortly after release)
  7. Bug fixes to screen share and address book

Mac Only Improvements

  1. Improved VSee help function
  2. Cursor displayed for Mac to Windows screen share
  3. Bug fix to file-transfer

To see if you are on this latest version of VSee:

  • Windows version – Click the Help icon in the address book –>select “About VSee…” and see if it is the newest version.  VSee will download the newest client for you (which will show as  a checkmark in task tray icon).  Simply restart the program to use the updated VSee.
  • Mac version 11.0 (13337) – Click “VSee” top menu and choose “check for updates.”

Please contact VSee support team with any problems, questions, or suggestions you may have!

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Comments ( 2 )
  • anne
    Thala says:

    It is not working! It freezes everytime i try to add or find a contact, it is the same for my friend!

  • anne
    anne says:

    Hi Thala, due to a server problem users may have experienced slowness creating accounts and problems using the Add/Invite/Recommendation/Search window during the times 11pm-7am PDT last night. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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