VSee Update Version 3.4 – Chat Syncing & Improved Android Battery Efficiency

VSee api update release

This week, VSee released new versions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

  • Windows – version 3.4
  • Android – version 1.8

We’ve put a lot of work in improving the Android version for this release: No more battery drain or high data use!
Luckily, we’ve also managed to pack a ton of fixes and smaller improvements into the code for all platforms and some significant under-the-hood work for our upcoming features!

Happy Holidays from the VSee Team!

See all changes below:

All clients:

  • Fixed VSee showing user offline although user is online.
  • Improved syncing chat messages for login on multiple devices.
  • Improved Automatic Quality Control (AQC) for better video and lip sync.
  • Fixed contact goes offline for local user when remote user removes the contact from address book.
  • Fixed issue where contact shows as offline on chat window.


  • Fixed chat window is not active on first mouse click.
  • Fixed crashes on exit.
  • Fixed VSee does not close on exit.
  • Fixed issue where device goes to sleep during VSee call.


  • Improvements for battery usage and CPU usage.
  • Reduced reconnection time if lost connection to the server.
  • Fixed the issue where VSee presence became offline and unable to receive chat or call if app has been running in the background for a long time.
  • Added Bluetooth support.
  • Fixed VSee reporting wrong local IP address on some devices.
  • Added request for user permission to ignore battery optimization for Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat.
  • Fixed the issue that Android will not display different messages with same text.
  • Fixed dialing view where it does not show offline user when calling.
  • Fixed crashes when taking photo on Android Nougat.
  • Improved loading chat history.

Embedded VSee:

  • Fixed disable chat API.

This release is not a required update and does not break compatibility with previous VSee clients. If you have any questions about this update, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you have any questions or comments about this update. Please let us know!

To see if you are on the latest version of VSee:

Windows  – Click the Help icon in the address book –>select “About VSee…” and see if it is the newest version. VSee will download the newest client for you (which will show as a checkmark in task tray icon). Simply restart the program to use the updated VSee.

Mac  – Click “VSee” top menu and choose “check for updates.”

Please contact VSee support team if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions!

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