VSee Video Conference: A Tool For Primerica Reps To Connect With Teammates and Clients

Geographic boundaries should be a thing of the past for doing business and working with colleagues. If distance holding you back from reaching more customers or getting more training, check out this Primerica Technology Blog article on how Primerica representatives can use VSee simple video conference and screen share to be more productive and to stay connected.

Primerica Technology

For Primerica rep Chuck Wilder, VSee allows him to quickly get information out to his team who are located all over the state and to stay connected to his mentor an hour and a half away.  He finds VSee’s video conferencing and document sharing powerful features for when you’re trying to develop a team and build a business. “It’s easily a 10% improvement to what we were doing previously just because of the confidence level of not having to delay appointments so we can have it checked and reviewed by our trainers,” he explains.

The best part is VSee isn’t a tool just for Primerica representatives.  It’s a great tool for any virtual team that needs to get creative work done together. It’s also perfect for students to do group work or cross university research and for families who want to stay connected to their loved ones.

Give VSee a try today. We continue to have a 100% virus-free product that is safe to use.   VSee group video is free for everyone, and students can get free VSee Plus accounts by signing up with their .edu accounts.

VSee is clean!
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