VSee Releases Secure Instant Messaging Today

With today’s new release, the VSee team is excited to bring you secure instant messaging on both Windows and Mac!  Please make sure you are updated to version  on Windows and 10154 on Mac.  Also, don’t forget to look for our other release features and improvements below:

VSee for Windows

  1. Secure instant messaging
  2. First time audio/video setup window
  3. Ability to import e-mail addresses from email providers
  4. User interface improvements (see secure IM instructions below)
  5. Auto-update improvements
  6. Various crash fixes

VSee for Mac

  1. Secure instant messaging
  2. File transfer function
  3. Audio/camera device switching
  4. Auxiliary camera reception
  5. Invite button
  6. Ability to import email addresses from email providers
  7. User interface improvements
  8. Various crash fixes

Instant Messaging How-To

To start a secure chat session with anyone in your address book, simply click on their username, and a chat box will appear.

You can also directly video call a person by clicking on the video icon to the right of their username.  (In VSee for Windows [below left], a green video icon will appear when you roll over a username with your mouse pointer.)


New Address Book (Windows)                New Address Book (Mac)


Any chat can be turned into a video call by clicking on the video icon at the top right corner of a chat box.




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    Cory Pham says:

    It’s great! Many users today feel that the use of instant messaging in the workplace leads to more effective and efficient workplace communications and, therefore, to higher productivity. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.

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