VSee Launches Web Video Calling Plugin for Unified Communications Software

For this year’s Lotusphere 2012, VSee is releasing a plugin for IBM Sametime that makes group video chat and and application-sharing both easy and secure.  The plugin fits nicely into this year’s theme of “Business. Made Social.” by making face-to-face contact with customers and colleagues quick and convenient.  With a single click it is possible to connect, communicate, and share information with others just as though everyone were sitting side by side.  This kind of emphasis on collaboration and social interactions is what makes IBM such a successful company, according to Mark Fidelman’s article on Business Insider.

Fidelman says, “Work creates a unique social bond…between people, technology, and culture…that must also evolve…[and] responds [sic] to market conditions and customer demands.”  For him, IBM has done this better than any other large company around by “fostering innovation through co-creation with its employees, suppliers, partners and customers.”  IBM VP Sandy Carter partly credits this to their use of social technology, “employees use social computing tools to foster collaboration, disseminate and consume news, develop networks, forge closer relationships, and build credibility.”  (Btw, Carter is also a Lotusphere speaker – Session BPDD104: Accelerate Your Social Business AGENDA: A Complete Framework, Practical Examples, And Expert Guidance For Partners Executing On IBM Social Business.)

The VSee web video calling integration is one such social collaboration tool that can help companies evolve into an effective social business.  Research has shown that seeing faces is an important factor in forging those closer relationships, and building your credibility.  Consider your own experiences, and the difference between the relationship you develop during a webinar presentation and the relationship you develop during a 10 minute video call conversation.

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