We’re Changing our Pricing!

These are some great, important changes that for most of you, well, won’t change anything. 🙂  Feel free to peruse the new pricing and our forum announcement.  It becomes effective April 1st.

Here’s the lowdown:

For everyone who’s using VSee for personal use, it will continue to be free.  “But will it still do anything?”  YES.  It actually will continue to do everything:  desktop, app, and window sharing; file transfers; calling as many people at a time as everyone’s computers and bandwidth will allow; private and group chats; and of course, annotation.  All of this FOR FREE.

For commercial users, we’re adding a couple extra options.  We’re still offering the Professional license that’s aimed at lawyers, sales, support, therapists, executives, and the like.  This is also the fully featured VSee personal users get.

The new additions are “Team” and “Room” licenses.  Team is aimed at smaller groups within larger organizations or small businesses wishing to use VSee with their employees without breaking the bank.  You aren’t able to use VSee with members of other teams, but otherwise the power of VSee is yours for only $10 a month per team member!  (Oh my God, that sounded like an infomercial.  Still, it’s hard to beat that.  Cue the “skip two lattes at Starbucks” cliché.)

The addition of the Room license is a very exciting one.  For the price of two Professional licenses, you can set up a conference room with multiple cameras, full PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controls, and all the features of the Professional license.  Add a laptop and, voila!, you’re ready to connect that conference room to any other room, desktop, laptop, or netbook anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

We still, of course, have the Enterprise license for organizations wishing to add management layers for IT control.  You can monitor usage, manage accounts, assign permissions, log calls, etc.

We will be instituting a few minor changes regarding support.  We understand that many of you have been looking for our documentation for a while.  We’ll be posting up a section under “Support” that will include FAQs, white papers, manuals, etc., that, when combined with our newly searchable forum should cover anything and everything you’d like to ask.  Paid commercial users can always feel free to vsee, email, or phone us for support, but personal users will be supported via our online “Support” pages.

That does it.  We’re going through some exciting changes here at VSee and they’re letting us prepare some great features to roll out to you in the coming months.  Enjoy!

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