WebEx Alternatives Hit Mobile Video Conference Market

Video conferencing is going mobile. It’s not surprising with video chat becoming a common work tool in an increasingly mobile workforce and with the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. No wonder so many video conferencing upstarts are hoping to storm the competitive video conference market with mobile support for video collaboration.

Newcomer Zoom.us, started by talented Cisco WebEx leaders and engineers, recently released its business and education sector products. It’s especially proud of its ability to host up to 25 meeting participants on a mobile device including iOS and Android devices.

Another new business video conference tool emphasizing its iOS and Android support is Meet.FM. This WebEx look alike is web-based (so nothing to download) and was launched late last year by YouDazzle, a cloud collaboration and web meetings tool backed by Former Facebook VP of Growth and Mobile Chamath Palihapitiya and NetSuite cofounder Evan Goldberg.

Finally the recent launch of BlackBerry 10 highlighted several video chat and video conference options for Berry users.  The Blackberry Messenger app now has video chat and screen share. OoVoo’s 12-way video conference has now added Blackberry 10 to its list of ooVoo supported platforms including iOS and Android.  While not as impressive as ooVoo, FaceFlow with its 3-way mobile video calling also made it into the Blackberry 10 launch.

FaceTime, expect some stiff competition in the coming days!

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  • anne
    Soph says:

    Some corrections… ooovo is NOT on the Blackberry 10 right now. FaceFlow is the First, and still the only, video chat platform on the BB10. They have an awesome FOUR-way video calling feature (are you really going to want 10 mini videos on your screen anyway).
    Props FaceFlow.

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