Why The VSee 522 Redesign?

VSee new video window

In case you’ve been a happy VSee user and want to know why VSee has decided to change things on you, our answer to you is that we want everyone to be a part of the VSee family and enjoy a taste of how easily VSee facilitates “see, share, send.”  (Find the complete list of 522 fixes here.)

Over the past year, our product design team has been conducting a number of user studies and found that a significant number of first-time users have trouble finding and using even primary VSee functions such as file-transfer, application-share, and desktop-share.

VSee address book designWhere Did My Sharing Tools Go?

We’ve moved all “sharing tools” from the self-view video window to the address book. For more streamlined use, it makes sense to have VSee “sharing tools” in the video window since these share actions are only used during a video call while the address book is likely to be closed or hidden in the background.

However, it turns out that new users see the address book as the “VSee control center,” and will go back to the address book to find a tool or feature or to get help even if takes an extra step to open the address book.

Expert users shouldn’t notice too much of a difference since most serious function such as one-click share and drag-and-drop file-transfer are still done outside of the address book as before.

Is It My Imagination or Have The Buttons Gotten Bigger?

Nope, it isn’t your imagination. We found in our user studies that our menu buttons and icons were hard to see and hard to click because they were too small and subtle, so we’ve made them bigger and more obvious.

VSee Is So Simple To Use.  Do I Really Need Help?

Now our expert users no longer have to click through the tutorial every time they update VSee.  For our new users, we now have a friendlier user tutorial that can be reviewed again and again at any point in time.  Just click on the “Help” button in the address book!


As always, a great user experience is our number one priority, and we hope that both old and new VSee friends can enjoy the VSee redesign!

Please contact VSee support team with any problems, questions, or suggestions you may have!

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Comments ( 3 )
  • anne
    Benjamin says:

    The UI is great! I can totally see how some users would be confused with the original design but this new one really simplifies things!

    I really appreciate this blog for it is really nice to know what is happening.

    Keep up the excellent work guys!

  • anne
    CELSO RAMOS says:

    Congratulations for new design Vsee, pratice and simple.

  • anne
    anne says:

    Glad people are liking the redesign!

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