Working from anywhere

It has come to my attention that I can truly work from anywhere, not just from the comfort of my own home. So tomorrow July 8th 2009 I am going to try to work from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from 1pm-3pm PT.  I am going to be bringing my laptop, a Logitech camera, and a Verizon EVDO card. I will also have two children ages 6 and 9 with me, so we will see how that goes. Please feel free to VSee me. My VSee ID is Colleen.

I will also continue this experiment next week in Las Vegas. I will be available to talk from my hotel in Vegas July 13th from the 16th 8am-4pm PT. Please feel free to VSee me then as well. I will be taking pictures and blogging daily about my experience.

Thank you,


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