Young Entrepreneurs Love VSee!


NUS iLEAD student entrepreneurs

Students from the National University of Singapore visit VSee – “V” for VSee!

Last week, a high spirited group of entrepreneuring students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) came to visit our office. As part of the NUS innovative Local Enterprise Achiever Development (iLEAD) program, they were on a trip to visit innovative companies around the world (like VSee) and be exposed to various startup cultures.

Milton, VSee CEO, shared with them how VSee was started and the thought processes that went into designing VSee to make it a simple and effective tool.

The students asked many insightful questions and gave us important feedback on our sign up process – overall a great session!  They were impressed with VSee’s simplicity for getting work done in comparison with Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and WebEx.  They were especially amused to learn that Google Venture’s chief designer wasn’t able to use Google Hangouts to do design work with his 100+ portfolio companies – since Google Hangouts is a great product, but not designed for creative people to get work done.

A second group of student entrepreneurs from China and Singapore also visited us on the same day as part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance (YEA). YEA is an international non-profit organization established in 2009. It aims to promote entrepreneurship, leadership and business networking across different geographical districts worldwide.

One student, Lincoln, suggested we should take a group photo using the VSee video feed. This was the result!

YEA student entrepreneurs in a VSee call

A screen shot of YEA students in an HD VSee call

See how VSee is able to send 2 HD video streams for an immersive conference room experience.  VSee’s bandwidth requirements are so low, you can get 2 HD videos for the same bandwidth of a single HD video in Skype or Google Hangouts!

iLead student entrepreneurs pictured:

1 Chin Fushi Vanessa
2 Chng Yi An
3 Gregory Chew Bo Wen
4 Hong Chengfeng
5 Lau Xin Ling
6 Lee Mei Yi
7 Li Yilin
8 Naomi Tay Yi Lin
9 Ni Xiqin
10 Nicholas Ang Teck Choon
11 Nur Iman Izam Bin Othman
12 Paul Antonio
13 Quek Yuen Xian
14 Rahul Rajeev
15 Shambavi Krishnamurthi
16 Srinath Nalluri
17 Suvrata Mohapatra
18 Tang Weigang, Mark
19 Yang Kai Ting
20 Jacky Yap
21 Ritesh Angural
22 Joshua Lurdes Newman
23 Lee Tun Leng

YEA student entrepreneurs pictured:

1 Du Yijun
2 Ren RuiYun
3 Lai Laifeng
4 Royston
5 Liu Linkun
6 Jiang Haiyang
7 Zhai Lizhu
8 Swetha Narayanan
9 Shen Shen
10 Chen Deshun
11 Wang Runyu
12 Diao Jing Wen
13 Zhang Qi
14 Zhao Lingfeng
15 Liang Jiawei
16 Guo Chi
17 Wu Guoping
18 Song Yupeng
19 Luan Qi
20 Li Shuting
21 Lu Tianshu
22 Sheng Lu
23 Qian Chen
24 Alex Zuo Xiao

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