VSee Telehealth Quick Tutorials & Demos

Basic VSee Clinic Tutorial

Get a detailed walk-through of our Basic VSee Clinic

  • [0:21] Provider Dashboard Overview
  • [0:42] When patients enter your waiting room and how to do one-click video calling
  • [1:26] Small Group Video Calls, Guest Invite-Linkl
  • [2:09] How to invite patients to a video visit, setting up your calendar
  • [2:52] How to set up your Basic VSee Clinic profile, notifications, credit card payments, etc.
  • [4:30] Walk-through of the patient experience for Basic VSee Clinic
  • [6:16] How to upgrade from your Free VSee Clinic plan

VSee Clinic Admin Panel 1-Min Tutorials

Learn the backend tools to monitor and set up waiting rooms, generate reports, and manage scheduling.
*To use, the Admin Panel must be enabled for your clinic

  1. Admin Dashboard – Access and Overview
  2. Generate Reports
  3. Add New Providers to your Clinic
  4. Manually Create New Patients in your Clinic
  5. Create New Waiting Rooms
  6. Manage your Clinic Rooms
  7. Schedule appointments

VSee Clinic Patient-Side Demo

Detailed walk-through of the patient experience for VSee Clinic

  • [0:00]Ways patients can get to your clinic with url and what do they see
  • [0:42]What can patient do when they go to your Clinic
  • [1:15] Patient Walk-in Visit flow
  • [3:53]Patient self-scheduling

VSee Clinic Provider-Side Demo

Detailed walk-through of how to set up your VSee Clinic

  • [0:00]What will you see after you login on the dashboard
  • [0:53]Setting up your cilnic
  • [1:36]Setting up your calendar
  • [2:19]What are the other features available
  • [2:49]How to start a visit

VSee Clinic: Remote Patient Monitoring Quick View

VSee’s all-in-one telehealth platform lets you easily turn on remote patient monitoring features to add on to your video visit services. It lets you

  • Track all your patients in one dashboard
  • Screen and prioritize high-risk patients based on health readings
  • Receive auto-notifications for high-risk patients
  • Capture recordings for reimbursement

VSee Clinic Demo – Medical Assistant Flow

Quick walk-through of the VSee Clinic flow for a patient, provider and medical assistant

  • [0:11]VSee Clinic workflow for Patients
  • [1:41]VSee Clinic workflow for Medical Assistant
  • [2:48]VSee Clinic workflow for Providers

VSee Messenger Basics (PC)

  • Start a call
  • Add others for a group call
  • One-click screen share & annotation for frictionless collaboration
  • Drag and drop file transfer