VSee Telehealth Quick Tutorials & Demos

Basic VSee Clinic Tutorial

Get a detailed walk-through of our Basic VSee Clinic

  • [0:00] How to find your VSee Clinic URL and login
  • [0:40] Provider dashboard, how to set up your Basic VSee Clinic profile, notifications, etc.
  • [2:23] When patients enter your waiting room and how to call
  • [5:58] How to invite patients to a video visit
  • [6:55] What do patients see when they go to your VSee Clinic

VSee Clinic Patient-Side Demo

Detailed walk-through of the patient experience for VSee Clinic

  • [0:00]Ways patients can get to your clinic with url and what do they see
  • [0:42]What can patient do when they go to your Clinic
  • [1:15] Patient Walk-in Visit flow
  • [3:53]Patient self-scheduling

VSee Clinic Provider-Side Demo

Detailed walk-through of how to set up your VSee Clinic

  • [0:00]What will you see after you login on the dashboard
  • [0:53]Setting up your cilnic
  • [1:36]Setting up your calendar
  • [2:19]What are the other features available
  • [2:49]How to start a visit

VSee Clinic Demo – Medical Assistant Flow

Quick walk-through of the VSee Clinic flow for a patient, provider and medical assistant

  • [0:11]VSee Clinic workflow for Patients
  • [1:41]VSee Clinic workflow for Medical Assistant
  • [2:48]VSee Clinic workflow for Providers

VSee Messenger Basics (PC)

  • Start a call
  • Add others for a group call
  • One-click screen share & annotation for frictionless collaboration
  • Drag and drop file transfer