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VSee is the first HIPAA-compliant telehealth app. Used by NASA, the Navy SEALS, and US Congress, VSee keeps patient data secure with 256-bit AES encryption.

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Products and Solutions

Mobile Kits and Carts

You can instantly set up a mobile health clinic anywhere in the world. Requiring minimal training, kits come ready-to-use with medical devices and have been proven on the field in Iraq, Nigeria, and Haiti. Learn More

Web-Based Waiting Rooms

Design a seamless experience that lets your patients consult with you through your website. You could even set up your waiting room to take walk-in patients. Options include online payment and self-scheduling. Watch the video.

eVisit Platform & APIs

Build your own mobile health app or have our expert engineers build it for you fast. Includes HIPAA-compliant video chat, in-take forms, scheduling, fitness device integration, ePrescribe, and medical device streaming. Learn more

Reliable video that’s HIPAA-secure

Telemedicine lets your patients consult with you without having to drive to your office. Count on VSee for the right telemedicine solution. With VSee, you can:

  • expand your practice and serve more patients
  • monitor your patients to promote their wellness
  • manage your workflow and save time.

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VSee provided secure encrypted video that looked superior to other low-bandwidth products.

National Institute of Health (NIH) study "Video Medical Interpretation Over 3G Networks"

It’s the difference between a 20-second and a 3-minute intervention…to not use it would be unethical.

Dr. Stephen Minton, MDChief of Neonatology, Intermountain Healthcare

VSee is a godsend. It tremendously increased our success rate with patients.

Randy RobersonSenior Response Specialist @ DLReliefwork and Consultant for Disaster Telemedicine to NATO

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