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Why VSee?

VSee provides all the pieces you need to create, assemble, and build your telehealth system — in one place. Whether for emergency and urgent care services, specialist consultations, hospice care, chronic and post-acute care, psychiatric care, VSee has what you need to make telemedicine happen.

Telehealth Workflows

Select your online workflow needs – payments, modular EMR, call routing, scheduling, walk-in waiting rooms.

Device Integrations

Integrate with the hottest trending wellness and health devices – FitBit, MiBand, Dexcom, and others.

Medical Communications

Securely text, mark up shared lab results and MRIs. Livestream ultrasounds, PTZ cameras, and stethoscopes.

Products & Solutions

Simple, secure communications and workflows to fit your telemedicine needs now and in the future.

hipaa messenger mobile

HIPAA Messenger

Easily communicate PHI via text, screen share, picture share and video. Also annotate and livestream peripheral images.

VSee Clinic solutions

Online Clinics

Integrate a waiting room into your website or use a ready-to-go clinic with payments, scheduling, light EMR, and more!

vsee api sdkAPIs & SDKs

Build your own mobile health app with our messenger and health device APIs. Or have our expert engineers build it for you fast.

Telemedicine News

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VSee Telemedicine carts

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