Fred Moss

Fred Moss

MD - Founder & President -

Fred Moss, M.D. has served in the psychiatric field for over 35 years. He has substantial experience providing services in a vast array of settings, both in-person and virtually, through telemedicine in outpatient, residential, inpatient, residential rehabilitation, orphanages, assisted care and clinic facilities, and with the homeless. Dr. Fred has treated and improved the lives of thousands of patients in nearly all age groups and settings. He has also been a supervisor and a respected, objective reviewer of his peers.

His experiences with chronic to acute care patients, in emergency rooms to nursing homes, have led to a wide breadth of psychiatric knowledge that has enhanced his career and personal life, and have led him to be an expert in all facets of communication.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Fred has been intensely involved in the world of online communication. About 15 years ago, he became especially engaged when online mental health services expanded. Since then he has committed to optimizing this virtual format.

Today, Dr. Fred is a recognized pioneer at the forefront of the booming telehealth field. He is the founder and president of, completely customizable LIVE online courses designed to help practitioners of all specialties and experience levels master patient/client care online through face-to-face meetings.

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