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VSee APIs & SDKs
Build your Telehealth App in 1 week

Shorten your development cycle. Quickly create your own patient mobile and web apps with our comprehensive building blocks.

1. Fast No Code, Low Code Integration

For the fastest web integrations, you can simply embed our VSee Clinic as a button right into your website with SSO. VSee Clinic offers a pre-designed waiting room workflow with patient queuing and triage. It also provides no-code customization for branding, intake, scheduling, and more.

Learn more about VSee Clinic >>

2. VSee APIs for Telehealth

Build a health portal for virtual doctor visits that includes scheduling and secure one-click video calling. Or have our engineers create a customized experience for you with the VSee No Code, Low Code Telehealth Platform. Customizable features include:
Virtual Visit

Embed video, chat communications, waiting room into apps

Device Integration

Integrate with wearables, fitness trackers, healthcare devices; livestream medical devices

Patient Engagement

Build flexible intake, scheduling, reminders, consent, payment, etc.

Clinical Workflow

Connect to your data or build clinical documentation from VSee components