Simply add your RPM dashboard for an integrated VSee telehealth experience.

vsee rpm patient portal

Complete Your Telehealth Services With RPM

Improve your patients’ health and increase revenue with remote patient monitoring (RPM). VSee lets you easily add an RPM dashboard so you can regularly collect and monitor your patients’ data outside of visits. Use data to prevent unnecessary hospital visits and re-admissions.

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Patients Use the Same System for Virtual Visits & Data Tracking

Why make patients learn a separate system for RPM and virtual visits? Let patients schedule video visits and send health device data on the same platform. Patients can manually add or auto-sync data from a range of digital sensors, trackers, and health devices e.g. scale, blood pressure cuff, glucometer, FitBit.

vsee RPM dashboard 2020

integrated vsee telehealth + remote patient monitoring

Providers Get a Streamlined Integration

  • Simple data visualizations
  • Set your own data thresholds for patient alerts
  • Track past visits
  • Seamlessly message or schedule an appointment from your VSee Clinic patient profile

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