Melynda Barnes Oussayef

Melynda Barnes Oussayef

MD - Clinical Director - Rory

Dr. Melynda Barnes Oussayef, MD is the Associate Clinical Director at Ro and Clinical Director for Rory, Ro’s women’s health vertical. Dr. Barnes is also a double board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Otolaryngologist. Dr. Barnes specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery including skincare, preventative and rejuvenation procedures to treat facial aging and women’s health.

Her interest in women’s health began when she noticed that most of her patients, who were women in midlife, were experiencing similar age-related skin issues, such as hormonal acne, increased facial hair, skin dryness and wrinkles. As her patients discussed other symptoms of midlife and women’s health in general, Dr. Barnes recognized an unmet need. Dr. Barnes joined Ro to lead Rory and help improve the future of women’s healthcare.

Dr. Barnes earned her undergraduate degree from Stanford University and attended Mount Sinai for medical school. Prior to Ro, she was an Assistant Professor of Surgery-Otolaryngology at Yale School of Medicine and served on Yale Medical Group’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Barnes has been recognized as a 40 Under 40 Leader in Health and her expertise has also been featured on Bustle, Business Insider, Elite Daily, and more.

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