VSee Release 121 – Updated API

VSee api update releasePlease make sure you are on the latest version of VSee:

  • Windows version (19918)
  • Mac version 2.7.3 (19918)
  • iPad 2.9.3 (19918)
  • iPhone 1.5.3 (19918)
  • Android 1.1.3 (19918)

Changes for Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows:
Updated VSee API support for call analytics

The Year Ahead for VSee Telemedicine

happy new year from VSee!

Dear Friends,

2014 was a pivotal year for us as the telemedicine and telehealth markets finally exploded. We have been working with visionaries such as MDLIVE-Walgreens, Focus Cura, Intermountain Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic for a number of years. And now everyone else is knocking down our doors wanting telemedicine! Doctors and hospitals are finding VSee’s simple design and strong security to be the perfect solution for video telemedicine.

Our 2014 highlights:

  • Grew and pivoted our design and engineering team to focus on healthcare
  • Made numerous improvements to VSee’s mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop video performance
  • Launched VSee OneClick Waiting Room
  • Launched VSee Cloud Medical Office (calendar and payment)
  • Completed the ninth generation of the VSee Telemedicine Kit
  • Launched VSee Telemedicine Cart
  • Signed partnership with Dell where they have embedded VSee waiting room into their patient portals, and our CEO Milton spoke on the same panel as Michael Dell at Dell World
  • Traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to set up telesurgery and refugee telemedicine clinics
  • Chosen by NASA to be the official solution in space, going live with VSee aboard the International Space Station

Our 2015 focuses:

  • Help our partners with user adoption by polishing the user experience and improving the VSee eVisit platform
  • Increase performance of VSee audio, video, and web chat API / SDK
  • Enhance VSee OneClick Waiting Room and Cloud Medical Office so any doctor can set up a telemedicine practice within 24 hours

Please contact sales@vsee.com to get a demo of VSee Cloud Medical Office. Thanks again for your support and Happy 2015 from the VSee Team!

VSee and Chinese Medicine

We recently received this thank-you letter from Jonathan Berkowitz, LAc, who runs Inquisitive Owl Acupuncture in San Francisco:

Our practice was actually designed with hardworking software engineers in mind. Telemedicine is quite useful for people who work long hours, and who can’t take time away from the office. In addition, we stay open till 10:00pm on treatment days, to accommodate those can’t leave work until late.

I really do believe that Vsee is the next level tool for Chinese Medicine. It helps practitioners stay true to detailed diagnostic procedure. And by saving consultation time in the clinic, it allows them to put more clarity and intention into each treatment.

All the best,

Jonathan Berkowitz, MTOM, LAc

PS I had a patient today who was new to acupuncture and was nervous about the procedure. Because I had prepared thoroughly for her case beforehand, I was able to put my focus into making her feel comfortable with the process, instead of having to rush. The ability to give her that extra attention when it was needed, assured that her first experience with acupuncture was a positive one.

How NOT to Run Your Online Practice

Writing for the Atlantic Online, Joseph Burgo describes his experience providing psychotherapy sessions over video as a mental health provider.

Burgo has some interesting things to say about expatriates and the psychological problems they confront. But his article suffers a major flaw: he doesn’t realize that his online practice is unethical.

That’s because he uses Skype for his patient sessions. It is well documented that Skype does not comply with HIPAA. Furthermore, Skype has always been in the hot seat for leaving a backdoor access to encrypted user data. Therefore, the private information that Burgo’s patients share with him may not be secure.

Mental-health providers should do their research before choosing a video conference solution. While Skype may be a household name, it has a poor reputation for being secure, and just doesn’t come across as a very professional video chat tool. Besides, there are more than a few alternatives. VSee’s Cloud Medical Office, for example, is 100 percent HIPAA-compliant, and we offer a complete workflow solution that allows psychologists to send prescriptions, schedule appointments, and keep their records secure.

Read more of VSee’s advantages over Skype.

Dell, Intel, and Government Experts Salute VSee at Global mHealth Briefing on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, December 3, Intel, Dell, and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) hosted a congressional briefing. This event focused on ways that innovation and policy reform can improve local and global responses to emerging health crises such as Ebola in Nigeria.

Dell presentation on telehealth

More than 50 leaders from government, think tanks, media, and the health care industry gathered for the event. According to the organizers’ briefing book: “Telemedicine provides an opportunity to treat patients while limiting exposure for health workers.” This technology “provides a decentralized approach that can be deployed quickly to hot spots where local hospitals are overwhelmed.”

Dell Roundtable

Matt Phillips, Vice President of Strategy and Development at Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, spoke on the technology and innovation panel. He focused on VSee and our telemedicine kit, pointing out that VSee has created “promising technology to more fully and efficiently address emergency response,” not only in West Africa, but also in villages of the Amazon rainforest and in Iraqi Kurdistan. It goes to show that when technology and policy leaders work together, they can accomplish a lot of good in the world.

Congressional Briefing

Additional participants included:

Steven VanRoekel
Chief Innovation Officer, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Justin Rattner
President, Intel Foundation
Intel corporate vice president and Intel Senior Fellow

Dean Garfield
President and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

Robert Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Erin Mershon
Technology Reporter, POLITICO Pro

Farley Cleghorn, MD
Chief Knowledge Officer and Global Health Practice Leader, Futures Group

All of us here at VSee are honored by the acknowledgment of our efforts in global mHealth.