Dr. Gavin Skinner Using VSee Telemedicine to Fight Ebola

The Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation is doing excellent work on the front lines of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Currently, they train healthcare workers in Nigeria. They use VSee video conferencing to engage new medical recruits, for telemedicine, and for situational awareness updates in real time.

Watch a report on the spread of Ebola here.

Last Thursday, Dr. Gavin Skinner led a team of eight and flew into Nigeria. After conducting hands-on workshops for over 400 healthcare professionals, their isolation ward received their first confirmed Ebola patient.

Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, the foundation’s Global Projects Manager, reports that he will soon head to Washington, DC to recruit more nurses, infection control experts, engineers, and health systems experts. He will also strive to collect more funding. His newest program is called STRIDE (strengthening training for response to highly infectious diseases), a risk-based, whole-community approach.

“We are assisting the Nigerian government with strengthening transmission-based precautions and activities for the most recent Ebola patient. We’re working with WHO and MSF teams on the ground. We have also been requested to help with establishing an internationally recognized highly infectious disease training institute.”

Gavin has a lot of work on his hands and needs our support. Everyone at VSee is proud to be part of the solution.

Mobile Health Clinic Brings Care to John Steinbeck’s Agricultural Workers


The WorkWell Medical Group has turned a used bus into a new mobile health clinic so they can take their urgent care services on the road. The urgent care center is based in the Salinas California immortalized by John Steinbeck in his novels and is located in a still a largely agricultural area.  The urgent care center serves several large agriculture processors, as well as schools, federal and county agencies, and retailers.  Building the mobile clinic is the brainchild of Dr. Vikram Mittal and his wife Dr. Sheilaja Mittal who have wanted to make it possible to make their services more easily available to agricultural workers and vulnerable members of their community.

The mobile clinic, which features VSee video telemedicine, is designed to be able to perform the same level of medicine as their regular office clinic. The July 3, 2013 publication of The Californian notes:

It is equipped with a heart monitor, lung evaluation equipment, two exam rooms and the ability to suture cuts in the field.

It also has a state of the art telemedicine system that can transmit patient data to doctors at the South Main clinic in real time so they can listen to heart beats and see pupils remotely.

You can read the full artilce here: Mobile Clinic – The Californian

VSee Powers Online Support Group for Trauma Survivors

online support group VSee HIPAA compliant group video chat for telemedicine is being used for a new online support group for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Unlike Skype and Google Hangouts, VSee’s peer-to-peer video chat and screen share is encrypted from end-to-end where VSee has no access to any data transmitted between callers.

Sponsored by Petersburg Mental Health and W.A.V.E. (Working Against Violence for Everyone), the support group began in July and allows members to meet each other face-to-face while maintaining the privacy of being in a doctor’s or therapists’ office. The Petersburg Pilot further reports:

VSee was designed specifically for people in remote locations, such as Petersburg, and has been used as a means for patients to talk to their doctors. The program also has conferencing capabilities, which is perfect for the trauma support group, said W.A.V.E. Program Director Annette Wooton.

“This allows participants to go home [and use the program], and they don’t have that stigma of walking through the door or parking outside of a place and thinking: ‘Oh great, now everybody knows I’m receiving services from this organization,’” Wooton said. “And also we can reach out to other communities, like Craig,” she added.

“It’s difficult to get a support group started being in a small town, but hopefully with the telehealth program, it’s going to make it a little easier to help,” she said, adding that the participants guide what takes place during each session.

With VSee telehealth trauma survivors outside of Petersburg who want additional support are also able to bring their experiences to the group.

The program is funded by grants from the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and Trauma-Informed Care.

KHOU 11 Features Click It Clinic – Video Doctor Visits Powered by VSee

KHOU Click It Clinic

VSee-powered Click It Clinic was recently featured on KHOU 11 Great Day Houston‘s Medical Monday. Click It Clinic is one of a growing breed of online healthcare services providing convenient primary care virtual doctor visits right in your home. Founded by CEO Dr. Latisha Rowe, Click It Clinic was designed take advantage of new virtual medicine technology to make healthcare that much easier for many of her patients - business travelers, moms with multiple kids, or those wanting to avoid a waiting room full of sick people.

Click It Clinic

Click It Clinic’s simple solution makes use of the VSee virtual waiting room (see video 1:50-1:55) – a HIPAA compliant video chat designed for the doctor visit workflow. Once the patient schedules an online appointment online, and a nurse makes sure the condition is appropriate a virtual doctor visit, she is directed to the VSee waiting room where connecting to the doctor is easy.  The patient simply signs into the waiting room at the appointment time.  She will then appear in the provider’s secure waiting room queue, and the provider connects to the patient face-to-face with a click of the call button.

Get a quick video demo of the VSee waiting room flow here.

VSee Virtual Waiting Room

VSee Speaking at Pulmonary Horizons COPD Conference

Pulmonary Horizons Conference COPD

VSee will be well represented at this year’s Pulmonary Horizon’s Conference on COPD this weekend in San Diego, CA. And two of them will be guest speakers.

On Saturday, August 16, our CEO Milton Chen will join a group of technology leaders on a panel called “New Products versus New Technology.”

Then on Sunday, August 17, Becky Wai, our Director of Telehealth, will appear on the panel “Telehealth for Treatment & Management.”

Milton and Becky will talk about how VSee’s applications can be used for chronic care, remote monitoring, and to reduce hospital readmissions. Both panel discussions will be interactive with opportunities for the audience to ask questions. This event will be a great forum for discussing the telemedicine’s role in preventing and curing diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is a serious lung condition that makes it difficult to breathe. Two common types of COPD are bronchitis and emphysema. With COPD, the lungs are blocked and thus do not function properly.

Pulmonary Horizons is the first-ever conference of its kind, bringing together health and technology experts from around the country to improve treatment for patients with COPD.