About the VSee Team

VSee was created by a team of Stanford University human computer interaction scientists and network experts in order to overcome the limitations of traditional videoconference tools. Our goal is a simple yet full featured product that works over any network, and requires minimal training.

VSee is funded by Salesforce.com and National Science Foundation.

Milton, PhD, CEO

Milton Chen

Milton did his PhD at Stanford University on the human factors and design of video collaboration; Milton was also the co-author of XMPP video standard (XMPP is used by Google Talk and Facebook Chat). Milton has deployed VSee for Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Mandy Moore, the band Linkin Park and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Milton has also worked in refugee camps from Syria to South East Asia to Africa.

"After my PhD, I naively thought that I could revolutionize the work-from-office paradigm and give people the freedom to work from anywhere. Today, I am still that naive and that same vision still drives me. Until Cisco, WebEx, Citrix, Google, Apple, Facebook, Skype and all these collaboration companies let their employees work from anywhere - and achieve the same level of productivity and social connectedness - VSee will not rest. I am fortunate to have a band of brothers (and sisters ) from whom I learn everyday; their energy and dedication fuels me to be more optimistic about the future every morning."

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Becky, VP of Sales and Marketing

Becky is the main driver of VSee global telehealth projects and the creator of VSee’s simple and efficient telemedicine kit. As a Telehealth Director, she has deployed telemedicine on Shell Nigeria offshore oil platforms, set up a remote eye clinic in a Syrian refugee camp, deployed telesurgery at the Azadi hospital in Iraq, etc. Graduating summa cum laude from UC Berkeley in Molecular & Cell Biology, Becky has always been active in healthcare, coordinating health services and designing for health IT at UC San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente, and San Francisco General Hospital. Her goal is to bring telemedicine to rural areas in her motherland, Burma and in other developing countries. A former national aerobics champion, Becky also enjoys being part of a dance group.

"I see VSee as the hub of a wheel, connecting people all over the world, the spokes, to help reach a common destination. To me, VSee is not work but a part of my life: it's like taking care of your skin - never hesitate to take any action and give every effort to make it healthier and look better :)"

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Michael, Director of Business Development


Michael is an evangelist for VSee as well as the future of telemedicine. He believes this technology has the potential to unite doctors and patients as they create well being together. As a key member of the sales team, he pursues leads, consults with clients, and negotiates new contracts. He also consults on VSee’s marketing strategy and writes web content. Michael and his husband live in San Diego with a belligerent Maltese named Sweetie.

"The secret to happiness is to keep yourself fascinated. Reject boredom. Be constantly enthralled, no matter what you’re doing - the VSee culture makes this easy to do."

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Anne, Storyteller

Anne made her writing debut in 3rd grade with her children's book, Dandy's Adventures, which won her a Young Author's award. In college she dabbled a bit in engineering but realized her fate was with literature and ended up teaching English for 6 years. She is grateful to be a part of the VSee team and enjoys helping everyone share their vision and stories of how VSee is making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. For her, the best thing about VSee is "not having to worry that other people will smell my onion-flavored farts." Anne has a B.A. from UC Berkeley and an M.A. from Stanford University.

Current Location: Virginia

Samantha, Customer Success Engineer

Samantha helps our customers have the best VSee experience possible. Currently a student at City College of San Francisco, Samantha is a math wiz studying economics. She is also active member of the Burmese club where she is always on the hospitality team for events and festivals. Samantha regularly plays badminton and hopes to run her own business one day.

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Erika, PhD, Director of Product Management

Erika defines and drives the VSee product strategy. She is passionate about user interface and usability aspect of the VSee software. Prior to joining VSee, she held positions at Hewlett Packard, Disney Feature Animation, IBM, and the University of California. She has worked on audio and visual communications for over 10 years. Her work spanned from acoustic modeling for speech recognition to statistical modeling for facial expression analysis and animation. She received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Electric Engineering from Stanford University.

"I have a sense of creation and ownership over my work at VSee that makes me want to make our products even better. Especially, when so many people care about what you do, it makes you want to do something about it."

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Steve, Head of Engineering

Steve is responsible for maintaining and developing all aspects of the VSee video chat software, including the VSee server infrastructure. He is a main driver that keeps the engineering team focused and on target. Prior to joining VSee, Steve worked at NetApp, Electronics for Imaging and SGI. He has worked on various aspects of server software for more years than he is willing to admit. Steve has a B.S in Computer Science and a B.A in Political Science from Stanford.

"It's a great work environment and the telecommuting capabilities are awesome. There is no micromanaging, and you've got a lot of freedom and power to really make things happen."

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

An, Director of eVisit


An is head of the VSee eVisit platform including Cloud Clinic and Online Waiting Room. Prior to joining VSee, An was the CTO of QIITO, an online travel sharing platform, which he co-developed along with its mobile API. An received a Bachelor of Computing in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Current Location: Singapore

Torrey, PhD, Software Engineer

Torrey is responsible for porting VSee to Mac OS X. Prior to joining VSee, Torrey developed real time processing systems for defense scientific research. He has been involved in Mac OS X software development since the original Mac OS X Public Beta. In this free time Torrey was active in open source development and led the effort to port X11 to Mac OS X as the founder of the XonX project and served as a committer on the X.Org and XFree86 projects. He received a Bachelors degree in Physics from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Physics from Caltech.

"At VSee I feel like my work is important to many people in the company, not just myself. As a user, VSee also makes a big difference in the way I work. Since I can't come into the office, being able to visually see my coworkers each day contributes in an intangible way to the feeling of group togetherness and the knowledge that there are others who share in my day-to-day trials and tribulations."

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Yuen-lin, Software Engineer

Yuen-Lin works on the VSee eVisit platform. Prior to joining VSee, Yuen-Lin worked at VMware, where he coauthored the VMFS-3 file system used in the vSphere hypervisor. In his spare time, Yuen-Lin studies and practices Buddhism. Yuen-Lin received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon.

"VSee may be a very valuable business one day, but for me, its soul - and what makes it special - is the human impact: the time parents can spend home with their kids rather than getting stressed on the freeway, the ability for teams or any group to get things done and feel personally connected regardless of distance, the paralyzed Primerica insurance agent who now reaches customers near and far using VSee, the dad on a business trip whose kids got in a serious accident but managed to see them over VSee in the hospital, or the scrappy start up now working across 6 cities and counting, that continues to hold the faith."

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Eric, Software Engineer

Prior to joining VSee, Eric worked in the defense research field as a software engineer. He graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. His thesis was on improving the accuracy of virtual spatial sound. After college he raced motorcycles in his spare time before shifting his energy to working on sharing the stories of refugees from Darfur with the world.

"It's more satisfying to work on a product that makes more of an impact and that more people can really benefit from using. You can see the fruits of your labor when you see people connecting with others in a way that wasn't possible before."

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Ken, Software Engineer

Ken is a big reason we now have VSee for iPad! Previously an iOS developer for gaming company Touch Dimensions, he likes to spend his spare time working on gaming projects and exploring development libraries. Ken is a Final Fantasy devotee and has several mathematics articles published in the book Secrets in Inequalities. He hopes someday to start his own company so he can create games that make people happy.

"VSee is like a united family. There is a lot of transparency so everyone has the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the company, and you can really see your work and effort directly help the company grow!"

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Kevin, Software Engineer

Kevin is member of our growing Mac group. With his lively curiosity and ability to learn on the fly, Kevin has contributed his programming abilities in a wide range of contexts, from programming mainframes in FORTRAN to designing oil spill analysis software for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). His hidden talents include writing for gaming magazines, judging for figurine painting expositions, handcrafts of all kinds (including knitting and cross-stitching), and playing, the fiddle, harp, and oboe. Kevin studied at the University of Washington in Seattle. His biggest challenge these days is learning to be a great dad to his growing toddler.

"We have an incredible group of designers and engineers, who are expert in their own field, and yet see each other as equals. I've really been inspired by how people here are enthusiastic about ideas and developing something new instead of just getting locked in by product specifications."

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Ruozhen, Software Engineer

Ruozhen works on the VSee client and also supports the server team to make a VSee product that "just works." He is a graduate of the elite Tsinghua University, and recently completed his MS in computer science from Columbia University. His concern for the educational divide in China and has led him to teach primary school children in remote villages of China. He was also a volunteer for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Ruozhen hopes to help make VSee as ubiquitous as Tencent QQ is in China.

"Finding a company like VSee that is small and passionate and has so much potential is very exciting. At this stage my contributions can really help shape VSee's future. It's an experience you are not likely to gain from established company!"

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Tom, Software Engineer

Tom is the hub of our Android team, utilizing his extensive experience in both Java and C++ to create a great VSee Android experience. He is also our neighborhood backend web developer working with Groovy and relational databases. Tom is based in Florida and has over 15 years of remote work experience and 25 years of programming experience in defense, telecommunications, publishing, and medical software. During the dotcom goldrush in the 90's, Tom co-founded the first locally owned Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Tucson, Arizona. He studied at the University of Arizona and has served in the U.S. Navy.

"Having VSee and being able to see my coworkers made a huge difference to getting to know them more quickly and intimately. Phone-conferences just can't do the job in the same way."

Current Location: Florida

Simon, Software Engineer

Simon started his academic career as a science major at University College Utrecht. After this he dabbled in game technology, game testing, air traffic control, and consultancy. Now he maintains and expands the client-side API and plug-ins that enable VSee to be used by third-party software (Lotus Notes,MS Outlook, etc.). Working (mostly) from Spain, he likes to spend his off-hours playing board and video games, paintball, and practicing kendo (Japanese Fencing).

"VSee made it possible for me to leave the Netherlands for a year so I could be with my girlfriend in Spain, Canada - anywhere in the world."

Current Location: Montreal, Canada

James Yong, Network Engineer

James is one of our Network and Server Engineers. He first came to VSee as an intern from National Singapore University and following graduation, decided to stay on for the opportunity to continue working with the awesome VSee development team on an exciting product. Prior to VSee, James interned at a local Singaporean startup that created robot applications and did contract work for various companies including Microsoft. His projects included streaming telepresence audio/video to a remote endpoint and working on the network infrastructure for a real-time strategy iPad game.

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Linda, Network Engineer

Linda works on aspects of VSee software that involve network communication and scalability. She graduated in 1997 from Stanford University with a B.S. and a M.S. in electrical engineering. Since graduation, she has held software engineering positions at Electronics for Imaging, Redwave Networks and Decru, a startup company purchased by NetApp. She has had experience working in the computer graphics, metropolitan area networking and storage security industries.

"I've worked for several start ups, and VSee is not like your regular startup. It's on a different trajectory, maybe because it's not just about making money. Working for VSee feels a little like being back in grad school. We still have a lot of academic discussions and still go to a lot of conferences, and the people are just fun to work with."

Current Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Harry, Quality Assurance Engineer

Harry leads VSee's growing QA team and is responsible for testing, debugging, and assuring the quality of VSee software. Prior to joining VSee, Harry worked for various companies as an IT consultant. He graduated from CSU San Marcos with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

"We're more like friends than coworkers at VSee. I don't worry that others will think I'm doing a bad job if I'm not able to get something done."

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Penny, Designer

Penny is the lead designer at VSee. Her day job is revamping the interface and user experience. She has been involved in various humanitarian projects, ranging from setting up live broadcasts for Iraqi refugee camps in Syria for World Refugee Day 2010, to enabling children in Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town, South Africa, to interact with students at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She aims to make technology accessible and usable to all people around the world in hopes that it will have a direct positive impact on their lives.

"VSee is a good environment to align your interests and life passion with your work; it's not just a regular job where you just try to make a living out of it. You're encouraged to to make use of opportunities that would otherwise go wasted anyways. For example, some people may be interested in meeting with high powered people from IBM or Intel, but I'm quite passionate about humanitarian things, so I deliberately choose to work on things with social impact, like taking opportunities to meet people from the United Nations."

Current Location: Singapore

James Davis, PhD, Technical Advisor

James is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His research expertise is in novel sensor systems for both scientific measurement and user interface design. His award winning research has resulted in over 80 invited talks, patents, and peer-reviewed publications.

Pat Hanrahan, PhD, Technical Advisor

Pat is the Canon USA Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. He received two Technical Academy Awards for his revolutionary work in the field of computer special effects. A pioneer of computer-mediated visualization, Pat was a founding employee of Pixar.

Terry Winograd, PhD, Technical Advisor

Terry is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. Terry is world-renowned for designing effective computer-mediated interaction. He was the PhD advisor to Larry Page, whose project became Google.

David Kelley, Technical Advisor

David Kelley

David is the founder of IDEO and a professor (and lead creator) of Stanford University's School of Design (d.School). An Edison Achievement Award recipient, David has helped revolutionize ideas of creativity and design, pioneering the first Apple mouse, the first Palm Treo, and Steelcase's Leap chair.