Get Special Passes to ATA 2017: Telehealth 2.0 | The Transformation Advantage

We are excited to invite you to come see us at our booth at ATA 2017: Telehealth 2.0 / The Transformation Advantage – April 23-25, 2017 at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. In fact, we want to provide you with free Exposition only admission to attend!

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VSee to Extend Capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud with VSee Clinic

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VSee will soon announce VSee Clinic, empowering healthcare organizations to build stronger patient relationships and manage their practice online.

VSee is excited to announce at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS17) Conference in Orlando that its app for the Salesforce Health Cloud, VSee Clinic, will extend the capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud with HIPAA-compliant online waiting room for triage and video conferencing. Health Cloud gives healthcare providers the ability to make smarter care decisions, engage with patients across their caregiver networks, and manage patient data in new and powerful ways. Continue Reading…

How Value-based Care Is Changing Telehealth Payment Models

healthcare payment and reimbursement

“How are payers reimbursing for telehealth services?” “What is the strategy on billing for telehealth?” These are some common questions we hear from those starting or expanding their telehealth services.  There are a variety of telehealth payment models available to health providers; some involve reimbursement while others generate new revenue streams. Moreover, with the growing emphasis on value-based care these healthcare payment models are sure to be changing. So what kind of telehealth payment strategies will help keep your telehealth services alive?  

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Why Telehealth Is the Key for Lifestyle Interventions – Laurence Girard, Fruit Street [TFSS Talks]

Laurence Girard, FruitStreet TelehealthWhy are lifestyle interventions failing? We know we have an obesity and chronic condition crisis that  is costing us millions in healthcare each year. We know that we can reduce the risk of all chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) by 80% by simply eating better, exercising regularly, and not smoking. We also know that these changes don’t just happen on their own. Laurence Girard, founder and CEO of FruitStreet – an online platform for lifestyle disease management – shares how telehealth tools for the dietician, nurse coach or lifestyle health coach are a game changer for reducing obesity and chronic diseases.

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What Do Telemedicine, Blockbuster, and Netflix Have In Common?— Randy Parker, MDLIVE [TFSS Talks]

Randy Parker MDLIVE What does the failure of Blockbuster and the success of Netflix have to teach us about succeeding at telehealth?  With his 30 years of experience in the media industry and 10 years in the digital health industry, Randy Parker, founder and Chief Business Developer of the MDLIVE, prepares us to succeed at digital health by pointing out the parallels between the digitization of media and the digitization of healthcare.Continue Reading…

Challenges of Designing a Scalable Telehealth Platform — Dr. Erika Chuang, VSee [TFSS TALKS]

Erika Chuang VSee VP Are video visits fundamentally not scalable? Does your EMR really have to integrate with your telehealth platform? Can I get my existing equipment to work with a telehealth platform? Are telehealth platforms really the way to go? Dr. Erika Chuang, VSee VP of Product Management takes us through the fundamental challenges of designing a telehealth platform that is both simple to use and yet provides an integrated experience from the perspective of the designers and engineers in the trenches.Continue Reading…

Telemedicine in the Healthcare Delivery System: a panel with Milton Chen

Telemedicine as a means of delivering healthcare will be the topic of an upcoming panel discussion. Don’t miss Milton Chen, CEO of VSee, speaking at the Golden Triangle Local Program Council’s special event:


(This is an ACHE Qualified Education (Category II) Program and is self-reported by ACHE members)

WHEN: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:30pm – 7:30pm

WHERE: Lamar University’s Dr. Richard L. Price Auditorium In the John Gray Center, Beaumont, TX (Refreshments Available)


  • How telemedicine has been used to care for patients and in what settings
  • How effective telemedicine has been in the treatment of patients
  • What the financial and reimbursement implications of employing telemedicine are in the care of patients
  • What are the future applications of telemedicine and how the potential shift in healthcare
    reimbursement toward assuming greater risk may impact health care providers’ use of telemedicine

Visit to register before Monday, January 23.


Glenn Hammack, OD – Founding President/CEO, NuPhysicia, Inc.


Nancy Dickey, MD – Executive Director, Rural and Community Health Institute

Praphul Joshi, PhD – Associate Professor, Program Director, Masters of Public Health, Lamar University

George Christafa Bone, DNP – Doctor of Nursing Practice, Veterans Affairs North Texas Health Care System

Milton Chen, PhD – Co-Founder & CEO, VSee Lab

This event is supported by the Southeast Texas Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

Telehealth Lessons from a Statewide Deployment — Kristi Henderson, Seton Healthcare Family [TFSS Talks]

kristi_henderson_ummc-200pNinety percent of healthcare executives say they have or are starting telehealth programs. Twenty-nine states have policies mandating telehealth reimbursement. Thirty-five percent of employers now offer telehealth. As many as 70% of physician, ER, urgent care visits are estimated to be manageable by phone or video. Surveys show over and over again that patients value convenience foremost. Everyone is rushing to deploy telemedicine without really knowing what telemedicine is or what it takes to have a successful telemedicine program.  Looking back on her many experiences and mistakes as a successful telemedicine pioneer and health care innovator, Kristi Henderson offers 5 principles for starting a telemedicine program:Continue Reading…

Three Keys To Enterprise Success – Prentice Tom, MD, CEP America [TFSS TALKS]

Prentice Tom, Telehealth SuccessIs your telehealth enterprise ready to survive and thrive through the unknown? Healthcare is a highly regulated industry in the midst of big changes. Using lessons from the Asian financial crisis, Bosnia, and Jeet Kune Do, Chief Medical Officer of CEP America, Prentice Tom, delivers a humorous and insightful presentation on the key characteristics a telehealth startup needs to have to succeed. Learn important tips for achieving telehealth success and “breaking into” the digital health landscape.Continue Reading…

Telesurgery in Humanitarian Settings – Mohana Amirtharajah, MD, Doctors Without Borders [TFSS Talks]

Telesurgery, as told by the expertsAt this year’s TFSS conference, we had the pleasure of hearing about a telesurgery project from the field work of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF). MSF is one of VSee’s most inspiring humanitarian organizations.  Whether it’s providing aid in war-torn countries, nations hit by natural disasters, or areas facing epidemics, they’re often the last ones out or the only humanitarian organization operating in that zone. Continue Reading…

Can Platforms Accelerate Telehealth Adoption? – Paul Smolke, Microsoft [TFSS Talks]

telehealth platformWhat is a platform and why do you need one to do telehealth? Paul Smolke of Microsoft argues that a telehealth platform helps patients to buy into your program.  Continue Reading…

Virtual Care Reality and Accelerators to Scale – James Mault, MD, Qualcomm [TFSS Talks]

James Mault Qualcomm

It’s time for a reality check. Virtual care has not lived up to the hype. True, the mobile revolution is mind-blowing. So why hasn’t telehealth kept pace? Jim Mault thinks he may know why, because his company Qualcomm is at the forefront of making virtual care a reality for everyone.Continue Reading…

The Telehealth Adoption Black Hole – Milton Chen, VSee [TFSS Talks]

The telehealth industry’s biggest challenge is a lack of adoption among patients and consumers. Why aren’t more people using the telehealth technology available to them? Why is there a telemedicine adoption blackhole?Continue Reading…

VSee, Shared Studios & the American Center in Yangon Host the First Telemedicine Conference for Myanmar


In partnership with Shared Studios, VSee brought the benefits of telemedicine to Myanmar with the first telemedicine conference in Myanmar at the American Center in Yangon.  

The Telemedicine: Future of Healthcare conference was held on November 22. VSee co-sponsored this half-day event which included talks from VSee and major US health systems – Ascension Health and Seton Healthcare Family.

Participants experienced first-hand, state-of-the-art telemedicine solutions Continue Reading…

Telehealth Conference a Huge Success

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Thank you for an Awesome #TFSS Conference!!

When Milton (VSee CEO) decided in late, late August that we had to do this telehealth conference, and we had to do it before the year was out, we had no idea what we were getting into or what kind of response we would get. The response and feedback we’ve received on this first Telehealth Failures & Secrets To Success conference has been absolutely overwhelming.

Microsoft speaker and Director of Worldwide Health & Productivity, Paul Smolke, wrote in to say “the format and content was incredible. Your company’s passion to leverage technology to improve the delivery of healthcare is refreshing and admirable.”

Many other attendees also wrote in:

-Great conference I wish my entire team came, you will need a bigger venue next year

-Provided the most honest look at the business of telemedicine & telehealth of any conference ever

-Absolutely phenomenal experience. Very well done, informative and fun! Thank you!

-Thank you so much for a wonderful conference. Hands down the best group of people I have had the pleasure with whom to have spent the last 3 days.

Truly, it was a worthwhile time of bonding and candid discussion around the problems of a creating a sustainable telehealth enterprise. From breathtaking views of future applications to the nitty gritty on implementation and billing, I believe all who attended were inspired or re-inspired to make telehealth an every day reality.


Over 150 health care executives, physicians, and health technology experts gathered for three days of networking, sharing insights, and expert talks. Many speakers shared their own war stories, telehealth implementation tips, and lessons learned. You can review a selection of those insights on VSee’s Facebook page or with the hashtag #TFSS on Twitter

Featured speakers included Jim Mault, VP & Chief Medical Officer of Qualcomm Life; John Sotos, Chief Medical Officer of Intel, Kristi Henderson VP of Virtual Care & Innovation at Seton Healthcare; Prentice Tom, Chief Medical/Innovation Officer at CEP America; and Randy Parker, Founder of MDLIVE.

The VSee team was there in full force to demonstrate Cloud Clinic, as well as how doctors use VSee’s technology to live-stream their peripheral medical devices. Laurence Girard, CEO of FruitStreet, also had a table where he showed off their health and wellness platform.

The event was a huge success! Everyone at VSee looks forward to organizing an even bigger one in 2017 and making this telehealth conference an annual tradition.


Telehealth & HIV Prevention: Catch Stephen Sullivan at TFSS

Catch Stephen Sullivan’s presentation on telehealth & HIV at the Telehealth Failures and Secrets of Success conference!

Project Nexus: Addressing Barriers to HIV Testing and Linkage to Care among Male Couples in the United States through Telemedicine by Stephen Sullivan MPH, University of Michigan Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities.

Don’t miss Stephen Sullivan, Project Manager at University of Michigan Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities, at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets To Success Conference, Dec. 2-4, 2016 in San Jose, CA. He will be presenting a talk on the “Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success with application to Clinical Trials.”

The talk takes place December 3rd, 2016, 2:15- 2:45 p.m.

Stephen will join with nationally known healthcare innovators, telemedicine strategists, and technology experts from Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Qualcomm, Avizia, DaVita, US Oncology/McKesson, as they lead 30+ sessions to dig beneath the telemedicine hype. Speakers will be examining telehealth failures and revealing their insights into telemedicine implementation, profitability, and user adoption.

Telehealth and telemedicine have been touted as healthcare’s savior for years. Market analysis has predicted 158 million telemedicine video consults and a $34B telehealth market by 2020. But even the hugely successful American Well with 3000 to 4000 video downloads per day is not reaching the tens of millions of calls its customer volume can potentially reach. So why has telehealth failed to live up to its hype?

In his talk, Stephen will present a case study of an active clinical trial entitled Project Nexus that seeks to promote HIV prevention among male couples in the United States through the use of telemedicine. He will explain how leveraging currently available telehealth modalities alongside at-home HIV testing technology may help male couples at risk for HIV infection to overcome barriers to testing, counseling, and linkage to care. In doing so, he will describe the research design and application interface of the Project Nexus study.

With over 70% C-level attendees including Stanford Medicine, Texas Medical Center, UNC Health, GE, ViaSat, and Zipnosis, you don’t want to miss out on this executive education event.

Seating is limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first serve basis. Get $150 off with promo code: web150. Register for the conference by clicking here.

CEP America Joins Telehealth Failures & Secrets To Success

Telehealth expert Dr Prentice Tom

Prentice Tom, MD

Don’t miss the Chief Medical Officer of CEP America, Prentice Tom, MD, speak on  “Creating the Enterprise Culture Necessary for Success” at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets To Success Conference, Dec. 2-4, 2016 in San Jose, CA.

His keynote presentation takes place at 9:15 AM on December 3, 2016 at the Sheraton, San Jose Airport.

Dr. Tom will join with nationally known healthcare innovators, telemedicine strategists, and technology experts from Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Qualcomm, Avizia, DaVita, US Oncology/McKesson, as they lead 30+ sessions to gain insights into telemedicine implementation, profitability, and user adoption. Telehealth and telemedicine have been touted as healthcare’s savior for years. Market analysis has predicted a $34B telehealth market by 2020. The healthcare marketplace is often described as complex and fragmented.  It is not surprising that many health tech companies have found it frustrating to negotiate the healthcare industry.

In his talk, Dr. Tom will provide a broad view of the enterprise skills necessary for success. Many are familiar with the oft repeated phrase, “culture eats strategy”.  Dr. Tom will provide an informative, humorous view of the type of company culture new start-ups as well as long-term players in the health tech industry will need to adopt if they are to survive the long-cycle business development that characterizes the health care industry.

With over 70% C-Level attendees including Stanford Medicine, Texas Medical Center, UNC Health, GE, ViaSat, and Zipnosis, you don’t want to miss out on this executive education event!

Seating is limited. Visit the official event page to register now! Get 15% discount with code: web150

Is telehealth more than hype? Find out at the Genentech Innovations talk on Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success


Don’t miss Dr. Milton Chen, CEO of VSee, when he presents his talk “Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success with application to Clinical Trials,” on October 18, 2016, 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m, at Genentech

Telehealth and telemedicine have been touted as healthcare’s savior for years. Market analyses are predicting a $36B telehealth market by 2020. So why has telehealth failed to live up to the hype?   Are the analysis reports wrong?

In this talk, Dr. Chen will take a look at the reasons behind the failures and setbacks of HealthSpot, Doctor on Demand, and other leading telehealth companies. He will look into telehealth business models, the problems of poor user adoption and profitability, and practical do’s and don’ts for telehealth. He will also cover the application of telemedicine in clinical trials and medical missions in underserved countries such as Iraq, Philippines, Gabon, and Nigeria.

Download the flyer here

Can’t make this talk? Join Dr. Chen, MDLIVE, Intel, Dell, Microsoft, and other telehealth players at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success conference, Dec. 2-4, 2016 in San Jose, CA.

Join Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, DaVita, Seton and more at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets of Success Conference, Dec. 2-4, 2016

telehealth failures conference

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Telehealth

Join us for three days of networking and expert insights at the Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success Conference, December 2-4, 2016 in San Jose. Learn from the mistakes and models of leading telehealth companies such as Teladoc, American Well, Doctor on Demand, and the ill-fated HealthSpot. Join health system executives, physicians, investors, and telehealth technologists as we examine the failures of telehealth and discover as a team what we can do to build successful telehealth businesses.

Featured speakers include Qualcomm Life VP & Chief Medical Officer, James R. Mault, Intel Chief Medical Officer, John Sotos, Seton Healthcare VP of Virtual Care & Innovation, Kristi Henderson, CEP America Chief Medical Officer, Prentice Tom, and Cooper University Director of Urgent and Emergent Services, Michael Kirchoff and more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from real examples of how others have overcome their roadblocks to successful telehealth.

Register by Cyber Monday and save $300 with promo code: telehealth300!

Telemedicine Improving Access to Healthcare in the Philippines


I’m not sure what we expected when we first stepped into the GALA Shelter for street kids. But we were surprised and touched by how well-behaved and respectful the children were. They greeted us with big smiles, and a polite “Good Afternoon,” then touched our hands to their foreheads – a sign of respect to elders in the Philippines. They quickly ran to set up chairs for us to rest, even though we didn’t have time to sit, .Continue Reading…

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