Video Conference and Screen Share Product Reviews

Video Conference Product Reviews

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Simple, secure, low bandwidth, for creative people to get things doneNo H.323/SIP support (yet)VSee blog

Blue Jeans

Connects w/ Skype, H.323/SIPPoor video performance, and limited Screen ShareVSee vs Blue Jeans

Google+ Hangout

Free Group Video and Gdoc rocks!!No screen sharing + annotation. Not secure.VSee vs Google+ Hangout

Microsoft Lync

Great IM, Outlook, and Telephone supportNear impossible to connect w/ outside your companyVSee vs Lync


Free Group VideoComplicated UIVSee vs ooVoo


HIPAA-Compliant Videoconferencing, Awesome technical supportNo H.323/SIP support


The Market Leader for voice and videoNo screen share + annotation. Requires too much bandwidth.VSee vs Skype


Great video performance on iPhone, AndroidNo screen share, not secure

Tokbox | OpenTok

Free video chat APIPoor video performance and audio echoVSee vs OpenTok


Very high quality HD video on all the platformsComplex pricing and backend infrastructure. Requires too much bandwidth.VSee vs Vidyo


The Market Leader for presentations / webinarsPoor video performance, not designed for peer-to-peer workVSee vs WebEx


Mobile support iPad, iPhone, AndroidGroup video not free (after 40 min)VSee vs Zoom

Cisco Jabber

Connects with all hardware video conference endpoints, supported on all mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android)Complicated server requirements and difficult to cross firewallsVSee vs Cisco Jabber


Skype Advantages:
  • The default voice, video, and IM tool for the world, at more than 250M active monthly users
  • Able to call telephones
  • Available on all the platforms and devices
VSee Advantages:
  • Free group video conference
  • Fast screen share with annotation
  • Low bandwidth, less than half of Skype bandwidth at same video quality - great for 3G and in developing countries
  • End-to-end encryption using 256 bit AES where vsee conversations are always private and off-the-record
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Skype Email Security Leak – Another Reason To VSee

The Next Web actually reproduced the hack and explains, “Essentially, that email address is used to create a new account with your own email address tied to it. Then, minus a couple of key steps, you can use a password reset token to gain access to your target’s account.”
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Why Not Skype For Health Care?

Skype video chat is a tempting choice for telehealth. It's popular and easy to use. It also has multiple security issues that put patients' privacy at risk.
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Vidyo Advantages:
  • Amazing HD video in software - eliminates the complex Cisco and Polycom hardware endpoints
  • Available on all the mobile platforms
VSee Advantages:
  • No complicated infrastructure or video servers
  • Low bandwidth, requires less than half of Vidyo bandwidth at the same video quality
  • Simple screen sharing with live annotation that makes team work frictionless
  • End-to-End encryption (while Vidyo does client-to-server encryption only, where Vidyo servers have access to your raw video)
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Google Hangouts Drops Vidyo For WebRTC

...because in the end, Vidyo is just too complicated and requires too much infrastructure.
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The Next Big Thing In Videoconferencing

What is needed now is a lightweight means of getting work done together quickly and socially, especially as teams become more spread out across the globe and workers become more mobile and likely to work from home or anywhere...
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OpenTok Advantages:
  • No download, video inside the web browser (provided you have Flash already)
  • OpenTok API is free and simple
  • Great people - dedicated and smart support team
VSee Advantages:
  • Superior video quality
  • Echo-free audio
  • Military-grade security
  • Simple and rich API for embedding vsee into your applications
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OpenTok Customers – We’ll Pay You To Switch VSee

Need an OpenTok alternative? With OpenTok going through acquisition changes, now is a good time to start exploring other options...


Lync Advantages:
  • The default standard for almost all enterprises (and still growing rapidly at the expense of IBM Sametime and Cisco Jabber)
  • Well designed product that unifies key office communication mediums - voice, IM, and video
  • Integration with Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Skype
VSee Advantages:
  • Able to call people outside your company (something almost impossible w/ Lync)
  • Simple multiparty group video conference without servers (while Lync group video must had dedicated servers)
  • Simple to deploy - does not require administrator permissions to run the vsee client (while Lync requires administrator to set it up for you)
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Microsoft Lync: Video Conferencing Deployment Nightmare

Microsoft Lync (formerly Microsoft Office Communicator) offers a great set of communication tool integrations, making it popular with enterprises both large and small (< 300)...
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VSee Challenges Microsoft Communicator/Lync For Remote Work

Milton has been packing in the summer talks. Lucky for us VSee gives him the super power of being in two places at the same time.

Lync Conference: Skype Integration, Market Gains

Microsoft Lync users can now officially look forward to Lync-Skype integration for June 2013.
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Lync Room System: Microsoft Ventures Beyond Desktop Video

With the Lync Room System, Microsoft is looking to deliver a completely Lync-based room conferencing (not just integration with Polycom or Radvision) complete with all its collaboration capabilities such as document-sharing, Outlook calendar integration.
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WebEx Advantages:
  • The default presentation tool of the world, GotoMeeting is a strong second choice!
  • Easily schedule and join a meeting directly from Outlook and other email calendars
  • Telephone and voice-to-ip integration
VSee Advantages:
  • Meetings for free and equal flow of ideas
  • Simple, speedy video calling and screen share
  • Designed to let you get work done without having to think about it
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Cisco Scraps Cius in Favor of WebEx and Jabber

It’s no secret that room-based video conferencing and telepresence are dying breeds.The ever-declining revenue growth of Cisco’s Telepresence division as well as poor market performance by Cisco Telepresence competitors Polycom and LifeSize clearly attests to this..

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangout Advantages:
  • Designed for open public or media events
  • Hangouts On Air simple live broadcasting to thousands of viewers
VSee advantages:
  • Designed for working together
  • Awesome video performance (and echo-free audio)
  • Military-grade security
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Video Call Connoisseur’s Review of Google+ Hangouts

A guest contributer’s review of Google+ Hangouts with information on the technology behind it...
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Google+ Hangouts High Bandwidth Issues Solved…Sort of

Google Hangouts now has a new "bandwidth slider" and voice-only mode that make it more friendly for network-challenged users.
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ooVoo Advantages:
  • Free group video calls, while Skype group video is $4.99 a month
  • Ability to make phone calls or add them to a video call
  • Supports all platforms and devices
VSee Advantages:
  • Significantly higher video quality at lower bandwidth
  • No ads, while oovoo aggressively takes over your computer, like inserting browser plugins so they can track you and show your ads
  • Simple user experience
  • Off-the-record private conversations, while oovoo has full access to everything you do
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VSee for St. Martin Parish School District

A typical meeting for them includes 4 people in 4 different towns. Even with someone out sick, video conferencing allows them to still meet and get things done...
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WebEx Alternatives Hitting the Mobile Video Chat Market

Meet some new video conference and web meeting players sporting their mobile platforms

How Video Chat Is Changing the Game for Brand Marketers

As Non-business Use of Service Grows, Citibank, Ford, Verizon Buy OoVoo.
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Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans Advantages:
  • Bridges video conferencing platforms from any device, like connecting Skype to Cisco and Polycom H.323/SIP
VSee Advantages:
  • Amazing HD video at very little bandwidth
  • Simple client experience
  • Strong encryption, while Blue Jeans must process your video on their servers, where they have access to your voice and video.
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Did H.323 Kill VCON? Is Blue Jeans Next?

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Blue Jeans pushes mobility, flexibility for video conferencing

Blue Jeans Network now offers mobile integration for video conferencing and expands its enterprise footprint through its new partnership with TelyLabs enterprise room video conference.


Zoom Advantages:
  • Up to 40 participants in a video conference
  • Full featured mobile support (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • Very experienced and smart team - so they will make improvements fast
VSee Advantages:
  • Better video performance (especially when the Internet is slow)
  • End-to-end encryption with FIPS 140-2 certified 256 bit AES
  • Completely free group video (and free screen share for educational use)

Is Zoom HIPAA-Compliant?

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Comparing VSee, Zoom, GoToMeeting for Virtual Doctor Visits

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Enterprise Zoom - Will it hurt BlueJeans and Vidyo?

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Zoom Review - 15 Friends On Video Chat

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Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber Advantages:
  • Market leader in telepresence and group video conference
  • Reliable and high quality product that unifies essential office communication mediums - voice, IM, presence, and video
  • Connects to all hardware video conference endpoints
  • Available on all mobile devices
VSee Advantages:
  • No servers. VSee video is peer-to-peer and does not need to connect via a server/MCU/video router
  • Crosses all firewalls. In contrast, Jabber requires opening firewall ports and has difficulty crossing network address translators (NAT) of most consumer firewalls
  • Does not require administrator permissions
  • Simple user experience
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VSee Beats Out Vidyo, Polycom, Cisco at ATA 2013

VSee was a smashing success at this past weekend’s ATA show in Austin, TX. With a truly innovative approach to video conferencing, VSee telehealth completely stole the show from Polycom, Cisco, and Vidyo. Read more

Hard Choices in Unifying your Communications – Jabber vs. Lync

Choosing the right UCC solution has become increasingly challenging of late. Mobility and BYOD issues need to be considered and it isn’t easy to distinguish between the two market leaders: Microsoft and Cisco. Read more

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