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Digital Patient Engagement Strategies for Post-COVID Success | Chris Nicholson, mPulse Mobile

Digital Patient Engagement Strategies for Post-COVID Success | Chris Nicholson, mPulse Mobile

Updated :
April 1, 2024

Drive COVID Vaccinations, Medication Adherence With AI Chatbots, Automation, Personalized Content...

COVID has accelerated the adoption of telehealth and healthcare consumerism trends. According to CMS, at least 39% of Medicare enrollees have participated in telehealth since the pandemic. Surveys by McKinsey and NRC Health have both found very high satisfaction among patient’s telehealth experiences (70% and 92% respectively).

Now more than ever patients are open to using digital health tools and wearable devices to engage with their health. They are hungry for healthcare experiences that are both convenient and tailored to their specific interests.

Google gets over one billion health-related searches a day. Now is the time to leverage patients’ growing expectations for telehealth options to engage more deeply with them. Join our guest CEO of mPulse Mobile, Chris Nicholson and learn about effective patient engagement strategies you can put in place to create highly personalized healthcare experiences that drive patient outcomes–especially for the elderly and underserved populations. We will discuss

  • the roles of Conversational AI, virtual visits, and SDOH optimization
  • boosting COVID vaccinations, medication adherence and Medicare preventative screenings
  • delivering effective patient education and content



Chris Nicholson is co-founder and CEO of mPulse Mobile. Chris brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare and digital technology leadership in fortune 100 companies and dynamic startups. Prior to mPulse Mobile, Chris spent over a decade in strategic leadership roles at Humana, including VP and COO of Wellness, and led Humana’s Strategic consultancy division. At mPulse Mobile, Chris brings a passion for developing solutions that improve health outcomes while transforming member experience. He holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from University of Louisville. He also completed the Harvard Executive Development Program for Healthcare Leaders.

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