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Telemedicine for Primary Care

As a primary care provider, you’re always looking for ways to expand your practice’s offerings and make getting the care your patients need more convenient. With telemedicine for primary care providers, you can consult with your patients from any location, making it possible to provide “house calls” without ever setting foot in a patient’s home. Telemedicine is becoming more widely available, and offering your services via telemedicine is just another way that you can provide the very best care to your patient base.

Expanding your practice’s success means staying up to date with evolving trends, and telemedicine for primary care providers lets you do just that. With easy-to-use telemedicine tools in place, you can see your primary care patients in much the same way as you would if they were in your office – all without inconveniencing them with the commute and the wait. Vsee’s tools and software put telemedicine at your patients’ fingertips, so you can expand the options you offer while simultaneously enhancing practice management and patient flow-through.

How Does Telemedicine for Primary Care Work?

When you integrate telemedicine into your primary care practice, you use specialized software and tools to teleconference with your patients. These tools include high-definition video and high-quality audio. The entire setup is HIPAA-compliant, and most practitioners find the system easy to use. The patient connects with you using a remote device, such as a smart phone or laptop, in real time. You carry out the visit as if you were meeting the patient face-to-face; you can take the patient’s vitals, share scans and X-ray studies, and assess the patient’s condition. The process is simple, hassle-free, and easy.

Patient Benefits from Telemedicine for Primary Care

Patients are seeking out doctors who can provide them telehealth services at their convenience. Patients enjoy getting the medical care they need on demand, so if they have a mysterious rash or a stomach ailment, they can quickly consult with you over video, email, chat, and text, without having to come to your office for a conventional consultation. Wait times are reduced to minutes or less, and patients can schedule appointments that meet their daily schedules without missing work or school. Essentially, you can make a house call without leaving your office, which is a win-win situation for both you and the patient.

How Telemedicine Benefits Your Primary Care Practice

Telemedicine for primary care practices offers a slew of benefits for doctors who choose to offer this tech-savvy service. Telemedicine:
  • Appeals to patients who want medical care on demand, broadening your practice’s scope to include patients who might otherwise go elsewhere.
  • Increases your bottom line by reducing the number of no-show patients and appointment cancellations. Patients are more apt to keep appointments if they must put in little effort to be seen.
  • Streamlines patient throughput so that patients in office have reduced wait times.
  • Maximizes the profitability of your practice by helping you manage patient consultations more efficiently.
  • Positions you as a primary care doctor on the cutting edge of technology, which expands your reputation in your local area and beyond.
  • Opens the door to new patients in remote areas who would ordinarily be out of your practice’s range of service.
  • Allows you to spend less time in the office; you can see patients from anywhere, whether you’re seated in your easy chair at home or on the beach in Maui.
  • Helps you increase your practice’s revenue by making the most of each billable patient encounter.

Software for Primary Care Providers

Using Vsee’s telemedicine software, you can craft a custom Cloud Clinic for your primary care practice. Using this virtual clinic, patients can make appointments, pay their bills, and consult with you in real time. Vsee’s API makes it easy for your practice to integrate telemedicine into your general offerings, using your own developers or specialists who can have your system up and running in a few hours.

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About VSee

Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more. Write to sales@vsee.com to schedule your demonstration.