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Looking for an OpenTok alternative or an easy way to integrate video chat into your own application? The VSee Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to easily integrate VSee’s simple, secure video conference and screen share so you can create your own innovative telehealth platform, e-learning portal, or whatever app for mobile, web, and desktop platforms.

For a faster web integration option, get the VSee Clinic. This pre-designed waiting room workflow allows you to embed the waiting room and patient queue as a button right into your website (see image below).

VSee embedded telehealth waiting rooms

Individual VSee Clinics embedded into a Provider website


The VSee Web API allows partners to manage their VSee users, check for user presence, as well as send commands to the VSee client to initiate calls, meetings and auto-accept calls from specific users.

VSee requires NO servers and no admin privileges, saving up to 10 times the cost of traditional video conference solutions. VSee is also HIPAA-compliant and supports complex telehealth workflows such as virtual waiting rooms and triage centers.

VSee API is fully supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android to provide the best video communication experience.

Contact Us   Overview for Devs


VSee API for Telehealth

Build a health portal for virtual doctor visits that includes scheduling and secure one-click video calling. Or have our experts create a customized experience for you with the VSee Telehealth Platform. Custom-build features include:

HIPAA Video ChatWearable / Clinical Device IntegrationPatient / Provider Portal
One-click video callingFitBit, iHealth, etcIntake form / PHR
EHR screen sharingUltrasound, EKG, etcCall routing/ triage
File sharingLabcorp test visualizationVirtual waiting room
Medical device streamingPoint-of-Care labsEMR SOAP notes
Secure IMePrescribe

How does the VSee API work?

Embed VSee video chat into your app using any programming language of your choice. It is as simple s sending a POST request to VSee API to be able to leverage on our API. Information will be returned to the users in JSON thus allowing it to be easily integrated into any system. Your developers should be able to build a working prototype in just a few hours.

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VSee vs other video conferencing APIs

OpenTokBrowser, iOS, AndroidAPI mainly server implementation
VidyoPC, Mac, iOSVersatile API, not fully specified
SkypeURI only: Windows 8 apps, browser, Android, iOSURI does not provide for user management
WebRTCBrowserStill in development as a standard, more complicated to implement
VSeePC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, AndroidRich API, no libraries to integrate to other platforms

VSee vs Skype

Skype provides 2 types of API. One is a set of APIs similar to the VSee URI and works like a normal web browser link. It allows users to be able to make calls, initiate chats and switch focus to the Skype client.

The other type is the Skype desktop API (discontinued), which allows users to add video calling capabilities or create real-time streaming video devices for their applications from Skype. Learn more.

VSee vs OpenTok

OpenTok requires users to set up their own servers. VSee, on the other hand, has its own client which can be used anytime without installing servers. Thus OpenTok provides 2 sets of API, the server side API and front facing API, for delivering a video conferencing solution.

The bulk of the OpenTok API is the server side API which gives users the ability to design their server infrastructure so they can manage and maintain the video connection between users. Users can create their own user management / authentication system since OpenTok has no notion of user accounts. Learn more.

VSee vs Vidyo

Vidyo has 9 different types of products ranging from VidyoRoom to Vidyo Mobile. Vidyo’s API “are available for the desktop client or the VidyoPortal™ interface for end users, administrators or super administrators.”

Vidyo API allows users to customize web portal for user experiences and establish personal conference and initiate calls to credentialed users. Vidyo API also provides the capability to search for users / room for their status and join one.

In addition, Vidyo also provides a VidyoDesktop API to customize the VidyoDesktop client graphic user interface, such as embedding the video to an existing application and to control audio. Learn more.

More API Examples

See how MDLIVE embeds the VSee Web API


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