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Telemedicine for Internal Medicine

As an internal medicine practitioner, you are always looking for ways to improve patient health and streamline the efforts of your staff. With telemedicine for internal medicine, you can expand your patient offerings to include video-conferencing that lets you augment the relationship you have with your patients. While telemedicine is not meant to replace face-to-face medical care, it is a great solution for those times when a patient needs to see you for a non-urgent problem, such as treatment for a chronic condition, requesting a refill, following up on lab work, or checking in to monitor ongoing treatment. With telemedicine, you can drive up your practice’s revenue while keeping your patients happy and your scheduling on point.

How Internal Medicine Works with Video

Telemedicine allows you to consult with your patients in real time via video chat and videoconferencing. Your patient logs on to your Vsee Cloud Clinic and schedules an appointment. When the appointment time arrives, the patient meets with you via video in a HIPAA-compliant session that goes much like a traditional office visit. You can share screens with your patient, check his vitals, and examine him virtually. The process is easy and simple for both you and the patient, usually lasting only as long as a traditional office visit.

See Patients Remotely

Treating your patients anytime, from anywhere, is the biggest advantage of telemedicine for internal medicine, and it benefits both you and your patient. You can deliver high-quality healthcare to your patient, putting accessibility to you at his fingertips, so simple appointments are even simpler. Your patient avoids the commute to your office, the conventional waiting room wait, and the drive back home – opting instead to meet with you on his own terms. With Vsee’s web and mobile apps, you can make it simple for patients to get the care they need while also increasing your practice’s productivity.

Get Paid for After-Hours Calls

For the internal medicine practitioner, the work day seldom ends when the office closes. Patients often contact their doctors after hours with questions, and many times patient emergencies keep you on the phone, unpaid. When you integrate telemedicine into your practice, these diversions from your private time can finally be converted to quick consultations with you, so you get paid for all the hours you work, not just the hours you see patients directly. This enhances your bottom line and ensures you get the most out of the time you spend caring for your patients.

Enhance the Flow of Patients in Your Practice

Scheduling is oftentimes a nightmare, especially when you have patients who miss their appointments, call to reschedule, or just avoid showing up altogether. No-shows eat into your bottom line, but patients who have the ability to see you remotely via telemedicine technology are less likely to cancel; they don’t have the commute and the hassle of an appointment when they see you from their own homes. When patients do cancel, your Vsee Cloud Clinic makes it possible for you to offer those empty time slots to other patients, so you don’t miss out on revenue for your growing business. The system also makes scheduling in-person patients easier, since you have fewer cancellations to deal with – which results in decreased wait times and happier traditional patients.

Software for Internal Medicine

Vsee’s telemedicine software is so state of the art that it is used on the International Space Station. This high-tech solution to integrating telemedicine into your internal medicine practice features a user-friendly setup that makes it easy to customize the software and tools to the specific needs of your practice. Vsee’s APIs allow for easy designing of mobile and web apps to best serve your patients’ remote healthcare needs.

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About VSee

Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more. Write to sales@vsee.com to schedule your demonstration.