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Telemedicine for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is evolving along with telehealth technology, and telemedicine for physical therapy is changing the way that patients receive services that at one time were only available during in-office visits. Telemedicine software and other tools make it possible for physical therapy professionals to provide flexible care for their patients from remote locations, improving appointment turnover and promoting successful completion of physical therapy treatment plans. While a patient meets with you comfortably from his own home, you can check his progress, address issues, and aid with exercises and other treatments, making the most efficient use of both your time and your patient’s time.

What is Telemedicine for Physical Therapy Professionals?

With a revolutionary telemedicine program in place in your practice, you can meet with your PT patients in real-time while maintaining HIPAA compliance, rendering services over high-resolution video and audio. The patient consults with you from his location, so he does not need to make a trip to your office or waste time waiting in the reception area. You can monitor the patient’s vitals, share images, scans, and studies on his screen, and more, all during a video-conference from your home or office.

How Telemedicine Benefits PT Patients

Patients who are undergoing physical therapy stand to reap a host of benefits from telemedicine programs. Patients who normally come in to see you two, three, or even more times per week will appreciate the ability to meet their treatment goals without the commute to your office, getting the care they need on demand. Telemedicine gives patients greater freedom to schedule appointments that meet their own specific schedules. The ease of telemedicine also allows the PT patient living in a rural or far-away location to get quality care right at home. Finally, many patients formerly limited to physical therapy sessions in a hospital or clinical atmosphere can be managed from home, where they are more comfortable.

Benefits of Telemedicine for Physical Therapy Providers

As a provider of physical therapy, you know how much of a productivity killer missed and cancelled appointments can be. With telemedicine services, your patients are less likely to cancel their appointments, and you see a decrease in the number of “no shows” on your schedule. This improves the flow of patients in your practice, allowing you to optimize scheduling, seeing patients as quickly as possible while still providing the best possible care. This maximizes the revenue your office generates while keeping in-person patient flow on point and on time – so your traditional patients are happier too.

Offering physical therapy services via telemedicine also improves your practice’s reputation among patients who are looking to reduce the hassle that physical therapy often causes. Patients desire quick appointments that are convenient for them. By merely offering these services and marketing them locally, you can anticipate an uptick in new patients coming in the door.

By seeing patients remotely, you can also take advantage of the normally unpaid phone calls you field each day from your patients by scheduling a quick visit to address their concerns. This lets you maximize your incoming revenue, so your practice sees even greater success.

While telehealth is not intended to completely replace patient care in a clinical setting, it is useful with many PT patients and makes your practice more flexible to meet the demand for this type of service. Telemedicine is becoming a service that more and more patients expect to be available to them – so getting on board is part of staying on the cutting edge in your niche.

Telemedicine Software for Physical Therapy Providers

Vsee’s telemedicine software lets you build your own Cloud Clinic for easy scheduling and real-time video conferencing with your patients, so you can screen patients more quickly, assess their needs with a high-level of accuracy, coordinate care, and provide advice, all remotely. Customize your Cloud Clinic to meet your specific needs, and use Vsee’s APIs and SDKs to get your telemedicine for physical therapy system up and running in hours.

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Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more. Write to sales@vsee.com to schedule your demonstration.