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Telemedicine for Urgent Care

Urgent care is being changed for the better by telemedicine, which makes it possible now for urgent care providers to offer patients easy access to care right from the comfort of their own homes. With the proper tools, telemedicine for urgent care is easy to into your practice, so you can provide convenient and immediate services right at your patients’ fingertips when a health crisis arises while you expand expand your practice and reach a wider range of patients.

Benefits of Telemedicine for Urgent Care

Telemedicine benefits your business by providing you access to a larger pool of patients. Having VSee’s high-tech tools at your fingertips allows you to expand on your Urgent Care medical practice to reach patients far and wide. Some of the benefits of using VSee’s technology include:
  • Allowing you to treat patients from any location, day or night. With the use of telemedicine software, you can consult with and treat patients wherever they need you, whenever they need you. Telemedicine connects urgent care providers with patients from any location, providing you with the ability to view and interact with patients in high-definition video and audio. VSee’s mobile and web apps make treating patients from a remote location seem like you are in the same room.
  • Enabling you to reach more patients while cutting down on wait times. Patients won’t be inconvenienced by spending hours sitting in a crowded and uncomfortable waiting room, and you can fit in more patients by consulting with patients remotely in their homes.
  • Allowing you to treat patients quickly and conveniently 24/7. VSee’s on-demand healthcare software allows patients to be seen by a doctor with just a few clicks on their computer. This is important for urgent care patients, who need to get treated as quickly as possible.
  • Assisting you in attracting new patients. Patients want fast, convenient care; in fact a study showed that 64 percent of patients are interested in telemedicine and would prefer a remote consultation over making a trip to the emergency room. With VSee technology, you’ll be reaching more patients as well as bringing additional value to your urgent care clinic, which will drive up your revenue and keep your patients happy and healthy.

Telemedicine Software for Urgent Care

VSee is a groundbreaking telemedicine software program that connects you directly with your patients so you can provide them with the very best healthcare you have to offer in a modern format that’s both convenient and fast. Patients can get quick “walk-in” appointments from the comfort of their own home and you can maximize your time while providing them with quality care. Some highlights of our software include:
  • VSee Clinics – Allow you to customize your waiting room right into the design of your urgent care practice’s website. There is also a ready-to-use Cloud Clinic that allows you to perform tasks such as scheduling patient appointments and accepting online payments.
  • HIPAA Messenger – This state-of-the-art function enables you to communicate patients’ protected health info over text, as well as share screens, pictures and videos with the patient to make the diagnosis process easy and efficient. Peripheral images, X-ray studies and other images can be live-streamed, which helps keep your patients educated and informed, just as if they were visiting you in a physical location.
  • APIs and SDKs – A wide range of different programming options to be imbedded in our telehealth software. VSee’s health device and messenger APIs builds a mobile health app that customized to your Urgent Care practice’s needs. We can have a prototype ready for your use in hours if your developers can leverage our API, our you can have one custom-built by our expert engineers if you need it quickly.
Upgrading your urgent care clinic to one that uses telemedicine technology can increase your revenue by thousands of dollars per year while providing both you and your patients satisfaction.

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About VSee

Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more. Write to sales@vsee.com to schedule your demonstration.