Telemedicine for Concierge Doctors

Operating a successful concierge medical clinic requires staying abreast of the latest trends in patient care – including telemedicine for concierge medicine. Today’s patient demands short wait times and convenient high-quality care, and patients seek out concierge care because they want the more personalized service it offers. They want to have access to their concierge doctors on their schedules, and telemedicine goes hand-in-hand with that philosophy.

With the right telemedicine for concierge medicine in place, you can now see patients in much the same way that you do during in-person office visits. Vsee’s tools and software make it possible for concierge doctors to provide flexible care for their patients from any location, which improves appointment turnover and reduces the practice’s revenue. Patients can meet comfortably with you from their own homes, and you can check treatment progress, treat them for acute and chronic conditions, and consult with them on medical issues in real time.


How Does Telemedicine for Concierge Medicine Work?

Telemedicine software lets you teleconference with your patient with high-definition video and audio in HIPAA-compliant visits that allow face-to-face interaction. The patient uses a remote device, such as a laptop or phone, during the consultation, eliminating the need for a trip to your office and the related wait time required in your reception area. From your location – either in your office or even at your home – you can monitor the patient’s vital signs, discuss his medical needs, and even share scans and X-ray studies with the patient, seamlessly and easily. The system is easy to set up, customize, and use, for both you and your patients.


Why Patients Love Telemedicine Options

Patients seeking concierge medicine services appreciate the availability of telemedicine, since they can conveniently keep their appointments with minimal inconvenience and without the commute. By getting needed on demand, patients are free to schedule their appointments at their convenience and on their schedule. The technology also puts patients living in rural areas or far from your practice the ability to consult with you, which expands their access to the care they need. Patients normally managed in a nursing home or hospital setting can have the convenience of a doctor that “makes house calls” without you ever stepping foot in their homes.


Why Concierge Doctors Love Telemedicine

As a concierge doctor who offers a range of services for your patients, you know better than anyone that time is money. Patients who miss appointments or cancel appointments can really eat into your bottom line and cause a decline in your practice’s overall productivity. With telemedicine for concierge medicine, you can see a reduction in the number of patients who fail to show up for their appointments. This not only increases your practice’s revenue, but also improves patient flow through your practice. The domino effect is that patients who do see you in person can be seen more quickly without extensive wait times.

One big advantage of telemedicine for concierge medicine is that it expands your reputation in the local medical community, particularly among would-be patients who demand a reduction in the hassle that seeking medical treatment sometimes causes. Today, patients want to be seen quickly, which is one reason that the trend toward telemedicine is growing so rapidly. By offering your concierge services via telemedicine software, you can quickly grow your practice’s reputation and see an expansion in new patients – both of which translate to added success for your practice.

Another benefit of telemedicine for concierge medicine is that you can take advantage of usually unpaid consultations via phone that can be a revenue killer. Fielding these calls as quick visits via Vsee’s software lets you monopolize on your ability to increase your revenue.


Telemedicine Software for Concierge Medicine Providers

With Vsee’s telemedicine software, you can build a customized Cloud Clinic for your practice, allowing you to quickly assess patient needs and consult with patients remotely from anywhere. Vsee also offers APIs and SDKs that your developer or experts working for Vsee can use to quickly customize your software and tools, so you can start offering telemedicine more quickly. Communicate with patients with Vsee’s mobile and web apps, even from home, reducing the number of hours you spend in a traditional office setting.

Although telemedicine is not a replacement for traditional patient care, it is a useful service that many concierge patients expect in today’s medical community. Getting in on the trend now shows that you’re staying on top of the latest in medicine, offering convenient options to patients who might not otherwise make time for an appointment.

About VSee

Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more. To request a demo, contact sales today. 

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