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How Regions Hospital Increased Satellite Access to Specialist Consults

Learn how VSee enabled HealthPartners to rapidly build its agile virtual triage and telehealth system for increased access to specialty care.
Healthpartners Regions Hospital is a 454-bed nonprofit hospital, providing inpatient and outpatient services to the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. It operates 90 primary care and specialty clinics and 22 urgent care centers. Learn how VSee allowed Regions Hospital to quickly implement a scalable hub-and-spoke model telehealth system to enable specialty care access to any endpoint by
  • Leveraging its existing call center triage workflows with a customizable queuing and routing system
  • Deploying a complete telemedicine carts & kits, telemedicine devices, and software solution with on-site assembly
  • Facilitating efficient virtual consults with simple 1-click video, screenshare, and plug-and-play remote exam device streaming
  • Minimizing change disruption with fast, flexible customizations and configurable features