Download Regions Hospital Case Study: Video Telemedicine Triage for Specialist Consults

Video Telemedicine Triage for Specialist Consults

Walk through a scalable implementation of the telemedicine triage system that Regions Hospital developed for its specialist consultations via live video.

Fregions hospital telemedicine triageind out why Healthpartners Regions Hospital chose VSee over larger, more established video telemedicine companies. In addition, you will learn:

  • what are key features to look for when doing telemedicine
  • how telemedicine can be added to existing triage processes
  • what to look for in a comprehensive software and hardware solution
  • how to use telemedicine to facilitate clinical workflows including specialist consults


Get the pdf to see how HealthPartners Regions Hospital implemented their telemedicine triage process and learn how you can start doing remote specialist consults via live video today.