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Telemedicine Benefits

Known as a technological advancement that is changing the entire healthcare infrastructure, telemedicine is here to stay. Today, patients, providers, and payers alike are able to benefit from the emergence of telemedicine. Read on to discover how telemedicine is enhancing the healthcare system across the continuum.

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Top 8 Telemedicine Benefits

Increase Revenue

Since the inception of telemedicine, its apparent benefits is to allow providers and physicians to expand their reach beyond their premises to as far as corner of the world where connectivity permits. This allow providers to maximise their reach especially for those located in a less dense area. This also improve efficiency of healthcare where one specialities can be deployed to where it’s in high demand no matter how far it is.

See More Patients

Provider time is precious (so is everyone’s), but there is always time when there’s scheduling gap or ‘down time’ of 10 mins to 1 hour. Provider can maximize their work time by slotting in telemedicine calls in between by using telemedicine software which has waiting room functionalities, so they can take in call whenever they want.


The most obvious benefits of telemedicine is no other than bringing convenience to both patients and providers. Convenience in terms of time wasted in transportation for either providers or patients, waiting long hour outside the physician waiting room, wasted timed when patient missed appointment, patient too sick too even leave their home. We would recommend telemedicine solution which can fit into your current workflow to maximize the effect of convenience.

Cost Saving

Practically with a full suite telemedicine software, you don’t need a physical clinic to practice medicine. Telemedicine Solution like VSee Clinic literally let you run a virtual clinic from your home office, it allows patient to do scheduling, or on demand visit, providers can manage their patients with the software, where it also store their patients visit and medical history, health records, billing solution and many more.

For healthcare system, using telemedicine software means they will have to digitize some of their workflow which reduces a lot of paperwork, lost medical records and many more benefits which can translate to cost saving in monetary and human resource term.

Get a quick 2nd opinion

In some cases, time is running against a patients, and doctors need to get opinion from another specialist, using telemedicine software, doctors can quickly establish a secured video call to get the 2nd opinion saving the patients live and time.

Patients love it

Okay, it’s a love or hate relationship. People who still used to physical visit may feel uncomfortable to use telemedicine. However, for people (modern society) who practically do everything with their computer or mobile, the ability of getting a quick consultation with their doctor wherever they are is the trends going forward.

Improved healthcare quality

Studies have constantly shown that quality of healthcare has risen whenever telemedicine is deployed with reducing readmission rate. Providers are able to do frequent follow up with their patients compared to traditional visit. Patients are able to access their providers whenever they feel something’s wrong, this can reduce false urgent care visit and sometimes save a life before things gone bad.

More Intelligent Solution

With telemedicine companies incorporating EMR (electronic medical record), billing solution, AI diagnosis, telemedicine software are advancing at a much faster rate than current traditional brick and mortar facilities. Using telemedicine solution means the doctor can tap into these new technologies with a lesser cost of change. They can basically add modules to their telemedicine software to make it more powerful to support their practice (check out VSee API for customized solutions)

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