Basic VSee Clinic for Solo Providers

HIPAA-compliant Telehealth Platform

Go live in 10 minutes…

✓ Simple walk-in waiting room
✓ Unlimited 1-1 video calls + text chats
✓ Mobile app for patients
✓ Professional landing page

✓ BAA for HIPAA compliance

Patients always free!


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Why Get Basic VSee Clinic?

Professional “Storefront” in 10 minutes

Simple Patient Onboarding

Instant Front Desk

Unlimited Video & Messaging

BAA for HIPAA Compliance


Create Your Own Telehealth Clinic in 10 Minutes

Don’t have your own website yet?

Instantly create a professional VSee Clinic landing page that allows you to display your online service, hours and expertise.

Personalize Your Clinic URL (weblink)

Easily refer your clients and patients to your personalized clinic weblink or embed it in your existing website.


Basic VSee Clinic offers web-based video visits for a simple no-download experience.

Patients also have the option to see you as a walk-in guest with no account creation

For patients using the VSee Clinic mobile app, your room link will launch the app with your unique clinic ROOM CODE already pre-populated.



Built-in Intake, Telemedicine Consent, Scheduling, & ePay

Your VSee Clinic automates compliance and front desk tasks with standard intake, telemedicine consent, patient self-scheduling, and online payment collection.

Waiting Room + Private Patient Queue

Privately triage patients from your provider dashboard. Easily manage back-to-back calls without worrying about patients interrupting a visit.


Get unlimited 1-1 and group video calls and secure messaging.

  • Add in family, interpreters, care team with a secure guest link
  • Dial out to patients’ landline or mobile if poor network conditions
  • Share screens and whiteboard during video calls.
  • Send files by dragging and dropping to a caller’s window



Client data — whether transmitted or stored — is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that your video visits are always secure.

Your basic plan also includes a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) required for HIPAA compliance. More in our FAQ section

Difference between VSee Messenger and VSee Clinic

VSee Messenger is a downloadable secure group video + screenshare app.

VSee Clinic, is an online medical office suite that facilitates your patient visit flow from scheduling to registration to payment. For example, it lets clients and patients self-schedule a visit during your available hours and automatically sends SMS and email notifications and reminders with the appointment link. When they enter your waiting room, it collects their name, telemedicine consent, and time of arrival. It will then place them into a wait queue until you are ready to see them. It also keeps a record of all visits. You can have patients connect via browser without any download or you can have them download the VSee Clinic mobile app.


Does Basic VSee Clinic (BVC) include scheduling or payment collection features?
Yes. BVC lets you set your calendar availability for patients to self-schedule appointments. You can also schedule appointments for the patient. It lets you collect online credit card payments and set Visit Types with different amount and time duration. These features may be turned off by request.

How do I add more providers to my Basic VSee Clinic? (click to expand)

Basic VSee Clinic is designed for an individual provider. You will need our Enterprise VSee Clinic plan if you would like multiple providers to share a waiting room lobby or if you need to add a scheduler.

Can I perform group call in Basic VSee Clinic?
Yes. BVC allows for group visit sessions through a guest invite link. The link can be sent both before and during a video visit. Please note that guest invite links do not require guests to complete the intake form. VSee recommends no more than 30 participants in a session. Video quality is also highly dependent on the quality of the patient’s network and device.

Which app does a provider use and which app does a patient use?
This depends on which service the provider is using. If the provider is using VSee Messenger only for video visits then the patient should use VSee Messenger. If the provider is using VSee Clinic, then the patient should use VSee Clinic mobile app. VSee Clinic providers will need to get VSee Messenger on their mobile device to receive alerts on their device.

Does Basic VSee Clinic integrate with my EMR?
This depends on your EMR. To get telehealth visits up fast, we recommend you start by using VSee Clinic side by side with your EMR until you get a better feel for your workflow needs. Please contact us for info about integration with your EMR.

How do I connect with the patient from the Basic VSee Clinic waiting room? (click to expand)

Please see the “Contact A Patient” section of the Basic VSee Clinic Provider manual here for details.

How do patients on mobile connect to my waiting room? (click to expand)

Send your patients to your VSee Clinic web link. When they click “Enter Waiting Room”, they will automatically be prompted to open the VSee Clinic mobile app. The app will automatically fill in your unique room code. This room code may also be found on your VSee Clinic weblink page.

How does HIPAA-compliance work? (click to expand)

There are 2 parts to consider when providers are looking to be HIPAA-compliant

  1. Technical – Does your vendor follow HIPAA recommendations for security and privacy?
    Yes, VSee uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep patient data secure both at rest and in transmission. We have a breach notification plan and do regular HIPAA security audits and training.
  2. Legal – Does your vendor sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you? (The BAA is a required legal agreement that makes your vendor liable for any breaches of privacy & security according to HIPAA rules)
    Yes, VSee signs a HIPAA BAA for all VSee plans except Free VSee Messenger.
    More about HIPAA at


Basic VSee Clinic Tutorial

Get a detailed walk-through of our Basic VSee Clinic

  • [0:21] Provider Dashboard Overview
  • [0:42] When patients enter your waiting room and how to do one-click video calling
  • [1:26] Small Group Video Calls, Guest Invite-Linkl
  • [2:09] How to invite patients to a video visit, setting up your calendar
  • [2:52] How to set up your Basic VSee Clinic profile, notifications, credit card payments, etc.
  • [4:30] Walk-through of the patient experience for Basic VSee Clinic
  • [6:16] How to upgrade from your Free VSee Clinic plan

User Manual for Providers ↗

User Manual for Patients ↗

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