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Telemedicine for Family Doctors

As a family doctor, you know the importance of bringing in sufficient revenue to make your business profitable. With telemedicine for family doctors, you can expand your practice by seeing patients remotely, from their homes. Telemedicine is in demand among patients who do not wish to come into the office or who are limited by time or space, but still need to see you and receive care. Patients appreciate the flexibility of videoconferencing with you in lieu of a traditional appointment in your office, and you can appreciate the versatility that telemedicine offers you in terms of scheduling your time and managing the flow of patients through your doors.

Today’s patient is busier than ever before; work, school, and family commitments often making getting regular health care difficult. With telemedicine, the patient gets to consult with you as he would in a regular visit, but from the comfort of his own home or office. Using secure video chat, you can assess your patient, examine him, discuss his issues, and even monitor his vitals – all remotely. Vsee offers the software platform you need to make telemedicine a part of your practice in an easy-to-use interface that makes your office the go-to destination for patients who are seeking out this type of service.

See Patients in Real Time

Vsee’s state-of-the-art telemedicine for family doctors software and tools let you deliver top-quality health care to your patients, connecting with them on their own schedules while maximizing your own schedule for optimal productivity and patient through-put. For your patient, this means that he gets the care he needs minus the drive to the office, the traditional wait time in the waiting room, and the hassle of leaving home. For doctors, telemedicine frees you up to practice medicine wherever you are, even beyond traditional office hours, seeing patients wherever you wish. Vsee’s mobile and web apps put your practice at the forefront of technology to deliver expert care on your terms.

Optimal Patient Scheduling and Flow

Your medical practice is not immune to the decreased revenue that results from patient cancellations and no-shows that eat into your bottom line and negatively affect your patient flow. Thousands of dollars each year are wasted in lost revenue when patients do not keep their appointments. No-shows and cancellations are greatly reduced when patients have the ability to see you from their own homes without the drive or the wait involved with an in-office appointment. What’s more, with Vsee’s telemedicine system, you can convert those no-shows into open slots to see patients on demand, giving your patients the ability to “walk in” virtually and take an empty slot through online scheduling in a Vsee Cloud Clinic.

Expand Your Patient Base

With telemedicine, you have a unique opportunity to expand your patient base and attract new patients. Patients who are looking for the convenience of a local doctor who can see them through video chat on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets will be naturally drawn to your practice, giving you an edge over other doctors who do not yet offer this capability. This gives you the chance to position yourself as a leader in your niche, which increases the overall reputation of your practice.

Revenue Boost with Telemedicine for Family Doctors

Boosting your revenue is a chief goal, and Vsee’s telemedicine software and tools can help. When patients see you virtually, you free up your in-office schedule to see more patients. Telemedicine gives you the ability to manage your time more effectively, so you can get the most out of your work day and the man hours of your staff. This all translates to added revenue for your growing family practice.

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About VSee

Since 2008, VSee has been a leading company in the field of telemedicine. Doctors and hospitals rely on VSee for HIPAA-compliant video as well as several workflow solutions. VSee has designed and implemented telemedicine solutions for NASA, Walmart Clinics, Trinity Hospitals, and many more. Write to sales@vsee.com to schedule your demonstration.