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Telemedicine for Speech Therapists

Speech therapists must juggle their time between patients, making the most effective use of the hours available to offering their services. Telemedicine for speech therapists can help you make the most efficient use of your time, whether you see patients solely in your office or you also visit schools to provide services there. Telemedicine lets you connect with patients via videoconferencing, so your interactions are nearly the same as they would be in person – with the exception being that you not the patient must leave your location for the appointment.

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Speech therapy requires face-to-face interaction between the therapist and the patient. With telemedicine for speech therapists, you can still enjoy the same interaction in real time using video and audio. Your patient uses his smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer during your sessions, so you can see and interact normally while both are in remote locations. Vsee’s high-tech telemedicine tools make it all possible.

Benefits of Telemedicine for Speech Therapists

Patients receiving speech therapy stand to reap several benefits from this new, innovative technology. Patients can receive one-on-one speech therapy in real-time, face-to-face, without leaving home and without waiting in your waiting room behind other patients. This makes it easier for the patient to keep his appointment with you and reduces patient costs for commuting to your office. Patients are more apt to keep their appointments if they do not have to travel to do so, which enhances the overall effectiveness of their individual treatment goals.

A study by the University of Cincinnati and Kent State University looked at the efficacy of speech language services delivered via videoconferencing versus conventional in-person therapy. The study, which involved school-age children, found that the participants in both groups made similar progress during therapy, regardless of whether they received services in person or via telemedicine. The participants and their parents also reported a high level of satisfaction in the delivery of service via telemedicine.

How Telemedicine for Speech Therapists Helps Your Practice

As a practicing speech therapist, your time is your biggest asset; it’s a commodity you can’t get back once it’s gone. Scheduling your time is easiest when have fewer no-shows and appointment cancellations. Having the ability to offer on-demand therapy session also makes it more likely to fill empty slots on your schedule when you do have cancellations, so you maximize the revenue you bring in. Telemedicine also reduces the amount of time you spend commuting between your office and area schools.

With the right telemedicine software and tools, you broaden your scope as a speech therapist, enabling yourself to be more flexible in the services that you offer. You can easily consult with your patients from a distance, even if you are away from the office, relaxing at home, or traveling. Vsee’s software gives you the ability to not only interact via video and audio, but you can also exchange screens with your patient, use chat, email, and text, broadening the service availability and heightening patient care.

Today’s patient desires convenience, which is one of the biggest advantages of telemedicine. Being a speech therapist who offers telemedicine services positions you as a cutting-edge provider on the cusp of innovation, which increases would-be patients’ perception of you as a therapist. Patients expect to have this type of service available to them, and Vsee gives you the tools to make it happen.

Telemedicine Software for Speech Therapists

Integrate Vsee’s telemedicine for speech therapists software into your practice to expand the services that you offer patients, giving them the care they need on their schedules – while making more efficient use of your own time. Use our technology to create your own Cloud Clinic where patients can check in, schedule sessions, pay you, and more. Take advantage of our APIs to integrate our software into a custom mobile or web app that’s tailored to your individual needs.

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