Winning Telehealth Grant Funding: Lessons Learned | Jean Polster & Geoff Millener

The FCC, the Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies have BILLIONS of dollars set aside for telehealth and broadband grants. This webinar shows you how your organizations can create winning bids.

Jean Polster, CEO of Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) in Cleveland and Geoff Millener, Senior Program and Operations Officer at the Enterprise Center In Chattanooga, reveal some of their secrets for successfully preparing their respective grants. Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to gain an edge with proper early planning
  • Create a winning combo with broadband & telehealth
  • Tips to hone and sell your goal
  • Make your proposal shine by crossing your t’s, dotting your i’s


About Our Speaker

Jean Polster, RN, MS has more than thirty years of senior management experience in health and human services in both Ohio and California. She joined Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) in 2003 as President and CEO. Under her leadership, NFP opened five new health centers and expanded services. 

Jean earned bachelor of science in nursing from the UNC – Chapel Hill and a master of science in health policy and management from the Harvard University School of Public Health. 

Through the FCC COVID-19 grant funding NFP obtained, its seven offices will be providing telemedicine, connected devices, and remote patient monitoring to patients and families impacted by COVID-19 in the Cleveland’s West Side neighborhoods. The home healthcare services target low-income patients with chronic conditions. 

Geoff Millener serves as senior program and operations officer for The Enterprise Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

He works with a dynamic team and community partners to leverage the city’s unique gigabit infrastructure to develop, test, deploy and scale solutions for the 21st century. He was named one of “50 People Who Made the Internet a Better Place” by Mozilla in 2017 and speaks and writes on technology’s role in alleviating systemic inequity, including a recent piece for the Brookings Institution. 

The Enterprise Center partnered with EPB (the Chattanooga city network) and a rural access home health and palliative care hospice provider to win the FCC COVID-19 Emergency grant.

Craig Settles (moderator) was saved from a stroke by telehealth. He is now paying it forward by uniting community broadband teams and healthcare stakeholders through telehealth initiatives. He’s a community broadband analyst and consultant assisting communities with broadband and telehealth planning.