Alternative Therapy Gets Energy Boost from VSee Telehealth

Healing gardenWho would have thought that cutting edge technology and alternative healing could go hand in hand. At VSee we love it that unexpected use cases are always turning up with VSee’s simple group video chat tool. Recently, VSee was featured in the Repatterning Journal as a wonderful tool for the art of resonance repatterning – an alternative therapy to helping people live life more fully. Carolyn Winters, Repatterning Practitioner and Holographic Coach who has been using VSee to teach writes in the article Repatterning Journal article:

Our experience of Resonance Repatterning seminars online has been nothing short of amazing. I had the delightful experience of discussing this with an enthusiastic representative at VSee who explained the back story for the high frequency and coherence we are experiencing with this technology.

She adds on her own site:

A few of my coaching clients have also personally benefited from this technology as we have started to use face-to-face videoconferencing rather than Skype or the telephone. These sessions are so amazing because I can share the notes with you on the screen and if a modality requires a demonstration, easily show you what to do.

While it may seem an odd fit, Carolyn notes “Keeping pace with the new tools for learning and connecting, makes us better healers and recipients of healing. Knowing what is behind something new empowers us to use the tools that are effective.”

Check out her interview with me and Milton here.

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