Future of Clinical Documentation: AI, Automation, Virtual Scribing… – Daya Shankar (ScribeEMR)

Physician burnout is at an epidemic level, yet physicians are spending more time on clerical tasks and less time with their patients. At the same time, the need for accurate clinical documentation is becoming more critical with value-based care reimbursement, patient consumerism, and more stringent regulations.

  • How are AI, virtual scribing and other clinical documentation improvement (CDI) tools transforming hospitals and practices.
  • Envision a future where clinical documentation can write itself
  • Eliminate documentation burden leading to physician burnout, missed revenue opportunities, and poor documentation of medical visits


About Speaker:
Daya Shankar is cofounder and General Manager of ScribeEMR. He has 20+ years of hands-on experience in the healthcare space providing turnkey documentation solutions for clinicians. Prior to ScribeEMR, Daya was a VP of operations for a startup Focus Informatics which was acquired by Nuance Communications in 2007. Daya has worked directly with several hundred clinicians during his tenure at Nuance as Product Manager and at ScribeEMR. His passion is to provide business solutions to eliminate the documentation burden for clinicians so that they can focus on treating patients and saving lives. He has a degree in Electronics & Computer Science from Bangalore University and a Harvard entrepreneurship program.