How AI Drives Better Healthcare: Should doctors fear AI? – Geoff Rutledge, MD (HealthTap)

What should be the role of AI in clinical decision-making? Why must doctors embrace AI and virtual care in the next few years? How can we get to mass patient and provider adoption for virtual health? Join AI expert and HealthTap cofounder and Chief Medical Officer Geoff Rutledge, MD as he shares his 25 years’ experience innovating healthcare through technology.


About Speaker:
Dr. Geoff Rutledge is HealthTap’s Cofounder & Chief Medical Officer. He leads the HealthTap Doctor Network, where more than 100K US-licensed doctors in 147 specialties have helped hundreds of millions of people virtually. He has been active as a physician, teacher, researcher, consultant, and medical executive who applies computer-based technologies to improve healthcare and combines 25 years of clinical practice as an Emergency Physician and Internist with computer science and informatics training and experience to develop new technology solutions in healthcare.

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