Medwand Uses VSee to Win Health 2.0 Launch! Award

MedWand Virtual VisitAmong the many ingenious healthcare technologies debuted at this year’s 2015 Health 2.0 fall conference in Silicon Valley, VSee partner MedWand stood out to win the Health 2.0 Launch! Award. The Launch! Award has previously been won by innovative health startups such as Castlight Health and PracticeFusion.

Simple all-in-one MedWand makes home physicals possible

medwand medical device

Created by Dr. Samir Qamar, MedWand is the swiss army knife of medical devices.  About the size of an electric toothbrush, it packs into it the functions of all the devices you would want for a remote examination: a pulse oximeter, an otoscope camera for ear examinations (with attachments for eyes, throat, or nose), an in-ear thermometer, and a digital stethoscope. It can even support 3rd party Bluetooth devices such as glucometers and blood pressure monitors. Patients simply connect to a PC or mobile device to stream their vitals. These can then be recorded in a secure Electronic Health Record.

Using MedWand in conjunction with VSee’s HIPAA-compliant video telemedicine platform, Dr. Qamar wowed conference attendees by performing a live physical examination of a patient hundreds of miles away in Las Vegas. Connected by VSee, he had the patient use MedWand so he could examine her throat, eyes, skin and nasal passages, as well as gather information on her temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels — in under 2 minutes!

MedWand CEO Robert Rose commented, “This was one of the most important, exciting, and gratifying things I have ever done. We made history today, and people noticed.”

The face of healthcare is fast transforming before our very eyes. MedWand and VSee are excited to be on the forefront of making that transformation happen. Pharmafile reports “By 2018 70% of healthcare organisations will have invested in digital technology such as apps and wearables according to research firm IDC Health Insights. In the US the healthcare device market is worth $3 trillion.”

VSee is proud to be a partner of MedWand, giving providers and patients seamless audio and video connectivity. Together, we are making magic happen.

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