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VSee Dialogues On the Future of Work At Big Science Summit Oct. 30

Milton, our fearless VSee CEO, will be having a discussion with Andrew McAfee, research scientist from MIT’s Sloan School of Management this coming Tuesday, October 30 during The Atlantic’s Big Science Summit On the Future of Innovation. We hope you’ll join Milton and Andy at this lunchtime conversation as they hash out…

A New Mantra Of Boredom

“Boredom is necessary for creativity” —Genevieve Bell, Intel Fellow

Hillary’s Speech Internet Freedom

Wow.  Great speech. I recommend that everyone read this speech given by Hillary Clinton today. From a video collaboration and human-computer interaction standpoint, this is a watershed moment in politics.  There are plenty of articles already discussing the humanist message or how Google’s showdown with China changed the world and…

Tech for Haiti

An article went up on CNN today about how many tech companies are meeting today in several cities across the US to brainstorm and coordinate rescue and relief efforts in Haiti.  It’s being hosted by the Sunlight Foundation, coordinated by CrisisCamp, and they’re using BarCamp to get the ideas out. …