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VSee Waiting Room Update Version 4.2.2 – Various fixes and new enhancements

Good news for our VSee Waiting Room users! We just released an updated  waiting room, version  4.2.2. What’s new: – Add action log for user status change – Add cross to close the launch modal and trigger the event – Add filter fields for Insights tab for event log –…

VSee for virtual teams

Working remotely can be a pain sometimes, but having access to a powerful video tool that can be used for a variety of situations can make working with your virtual teams so much easier. You can create and maintain multiple video sessions and eliminate the issues that crop up in…

New VSee.com homepage design

We just pushed out a new design for our homepage – vsee.com Do you like it? We welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions! 🙂 Follow us on Twitter (@VSee) and Like us on Facebook to hear about the latest from VSee!

Bill Flutie talking VSee at the Inbound Marketing Summit

The Pulse Network tracked down our own Bill Flutie, Director of Sales and Business Development, at the Inbound Marketing Summit, held last week in Gillette Stadium. Here’s what he had to say:

Why was VSee invented? – Remote Communication

What is VSee?