Telemedicine Solutions To Fight Coronavirus: Nurse Hotlines To PopHealth Monitoring

Looking for ways you can utilize telemedicine to help contain the coronavirus?

VSee has had direct experience providing telemedicine solutions for both the Ebola and Zika virus crises. We’ve noticed a big surge of providers trying to get telemedicine quickly set up for their organizations. We want to help you learn about the different telemedicine implementations you can use to help keep patient exposure down while maximizing staffing capacity.

In this webinar, VSee CEO Dr. Milton Chen shares telemedicine nurse hotline set ups, quarantine solutions, population health monitoring, and more!

0-1:09 min. Introduction

1:10-9:04 min. Telehealth regulatory update by guest healthcare attorney Charles C. Dunham – Is Medicare covering in-home virtual visits?

10:20 COVID-19 Telemedicine Solutions with Dr. Milton Chen, VSee CEO

10:30 Free VSee Clinic for individual providers

12:02 For Urgent care centers

15:22 For Healthcare systems

19:02 Medwand and device advice for home health monitoring

20:40 Digital quarantine rooms to simplify the logistics of medical staff

23:16 Fight chaos – VSee Messenger for provider-to-provider communications

26:26 Solutions for entire nations

35:05 Example of government deployment

36:55 Airport solution

43:33 VSee Clinic Solution demos – Nina Aboganda, VSee director of business development

43:51  Free VSee Clinic

47:18 Standard VSee Clinic (multiple providers) – patient-side

51:39 Standard VSee Clinic – provider-side

52:58 Customer Service Representative (CSR) workflow

56:40 Remote Patient Monitoring dashboard