VA Telehealth for Coronavirus

President Trump’s 2018 VA MISSION Act removed all geographic and licensing barriers for doing VA telehealth. This has made it possible to provide greater access and better care to more veterans. Join Sean O’Connor from the Portland VA health system in Oregon to learn:

  • How is the VA using telehealth to deal with COVID-19 today?
  • What are some key lessons learned from past telehealth deployments?
  • What are key technology and clinic considerations that need to be taken into account?
  • Where is VA telehealth going in the future?



Sean O’Connor is the Director of Virtual Care for the VA Portland Healthcare System. He has been working in telemedicine for 10 years, and has extensive experience in the areas of Clinical Video Telehealth, Store and Forward Telehealth, mobile device Telehealth solutions and TeleJustice. He has implemented several successful programs that assist Veterans in receiving health care and other VA services using Telehealth Technology.

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