Telehealth Solution for COVID

Fast Launch Telehealth To Combat Covid and Beyond

VSee offers a comprehensive range of virtual care functionality that gives you the flexibility to meet your COVID clinical needs now as well as to quickly adapt to fast changing market demands in the future. 

Ready-To-Deploy Covid Response Solutions

Scale Up for Mass Covid Test Proctoring

Get a custom branded home test portal where patients can call-in & have a proctor monitor the patient for quality assurance during an Antigen Home Test or PCR Test. Connect patients & proctors for compliant Covid testing in the home, school, office, or facility. 

  • On-Demand / Scheduled Test Consults 
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant video + chat 
  • Streamlined front desk w/ consent,  eligibility, payment 
  • Staffing via VSee Medical Group (TAD)

Expand Services with a Covid Treatment Portal– Walk-in or Scheduled 

Make it simple for Covid Positive Patients to get follow-up and walk-in primary care with a custom branded treatment portal and/or mobile app. Manage hundreds of clinician schedules in the backend for 24/7 virtual primary care visits. 

  • Walk-in or Scheduled Consults w/ reminders 
  • Guest Invite Appointment Link
  • e-Prescription to preferred pharmacy  
  • Staffing via VSee Medical Group (TAD)

Launch Support for Long Covid Remote Patient Monitoring

Care team members can easily track Long Covid patients’ real-time biometric data from a health data dashboard. Patients are automatically grouped by custom health levels for fast scanning. 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Dashboard
  • Risk groups for automatic alerts
  • Customized data to monitor (e.g vitals)
  • Device sync without third-party apps
  • Instantly escalate to an on-demand or scheduled video visit
  • Staffing via VSee Medical Group (TAD)

See how we’re empowering customers to provide fast, robust Covid Responses

Serving Our Veterans with Timely Mental Health Care 

Supporting the VA with mental health provider staffing, scheduling, and claims submissions

Expanding Employee Covid Care with VSee

Providing a white-label platform to automate eligibility and billing, proctor Covid tests, and push positive cases to a virtual primary care consult

Advancing Covid At-Home Testing and Treatment

 Supporting home labs with physician staffing (TAD) and treatment portal for virtual consults with eprescribe  

Streamline Vaccine Tracking & Scheduling

Providing flexible master scheduling to build a vaccine self-scheduler across all provider availability

Optimize Your Workflows with Out-of-the-Box Telehealth Building Blocks

Automated Eligibility & Claims Submission

Flexible Master Scheduling
With Staffing Optimization

Frictionless Front Desk Hub and
Care Team Coordination

Data Analytics and
Custom Reporting

Physician & Covid Care
staffing services

Robust Medical Video &

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