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Telemedicine for Pediatricians

Telemedicine for Pediatricians is changing the way pediatricians all over the globe see patients. As a pediatrician, introducing telemedicine to your patients has never been simpler. With the right tools, you can make telemedicine work for your practice, providing a convenient and in-demand service that puts medical care at your patients’ fingertips. While improving patient care, also make the most efficient use of your time, get enhancing scheduling, and increase your practice’s profits.

Benefits of Telemedicine for Pediatricians

Telemedicine benefits your business and your patients, putting high-tech tools at your disposal to expand the way you practice medicine. With VSee, you can:

  • Treat patients from any location, around the clock.
    With telemedicine software in place, you can treat patients whenever and wherever they need you. Telemedicine connects pediatricians with patients for real-time consultations from any location, allowing you to see and interact with your patients in high-def video and audio, just as if you were in the same room together. VSee’s web and mobile apps make seeing patients easier than ever.
  • Monetize after-hours consults.
    If you’re a pediatrician who often fields calls from parents after-hours, then telemedicine can help you monetize that often unpaid time. Tasks that may ordinarily go uncompensated can now be handled with a quick visit, whether it’s reassuring a parent, answering emails, or even approving a prescription refill. Telemedicine makes these visits short and to the point, so you can boost your patient’s care while getting paid for your time.
  • Hone scheduling and patient flow.
    You likely see a fair number of no-shows in your pediatric practice, resulting in lost revenue and wasted time. With Vsee’s telemedicine software for pediatricians, you can cut down on missed appointment times, making your scheduling time count more. Patients are more likely to keep their visits, since there’s no commute to the office. Because telemedicine allows for easy scheduling, you can fill empty slots in your pediatric practice’s schedule more readily, giving your patients walk-in convenience from their own homes. This all translates to higher profits for you.

Telemedicine Software for Pediatricians

VSee is a simple telemedicine software program that connects you with your patients, allowing you to give them the very best in healthcare in a convenient format uninhibited by time or space. VSee puts the capability in your hands to visit with patients over a secure video chat from any location; if a parent doesn’t want to get a sick child out of the house or make the commute to your office, you can see that child in real time, examine the child, make a diagnosis, and come up with a treatment plan, right from your home or office.VSee’s simple and secure software is designed with your busy pediatric practice in mind. Some highlights of our services include:
  • HIPAA Messenger.
    This simple, secure video chat app allows you to communicate protected health information (PHI) over text, share screens with the patient and parents, and share video and pictures to make the diagnostic process easier and more efficient. You can also livestream peripheral images, such as X-ray studies and other images, to educate and inform the patient, just as if they were in your own office.
  • VSee Clinic.
    Our VSee Clinic functions makes it easy to customize a waiting room right into the design of your pediatric practice’s website. You can also opt for a ready-to-use Basic VSee Clinic where you can schedule patients, accept payments, and more. If all you need is a walk-in waiting room, use our Free VSee Clinic.
  • APIs and SDKs.
    VSee offers a range of different programming options to embed our telehealth software into your existing setup. Use our health device and messenger APIs to build a mobile health app that’s customized to your practice’s needs. Your developers can leverage our API and have a working prototype ready for your use in hours, or our expert engineers can build what you need quickly and efficiently.
Discover how telemedicine for pediatricians can change your pediatric practice and increase your revenue by tens of thousands of dollars per year while heightening patient care and satisfaction. Learn more about VSee’s software, telemedicine kits and carts, and other services now.

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