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Telemedicine Kit

Choose the easiest telemedicine kit for remote consultations. This telemedicine solution is found on board Shell’s oil platforms off the coast of Nigeria and Alaska. Kits include :

  • a windows tablet,
  • all-in-one scope (includes dermascope and otoscope),
  • digital stethoscope,
  • ultrasound (vascular or abdominal),
  • pulse oximeter,
  • EKG (single lead or 12-lead)

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Home Care Kit

This ultralight home care kit uses iPhone clip-ons and is easy to carry. Weighing only 4 lbs, it is designed to work with iPhone 5 or 6 and is perfect for travelling nurses and home care patients. It typically includes 6 pieces:

  • pulse oximeter,
  • single lead EKG,
  • digital stethoscope,
  • otoscope,
  • dermatoscope, and
  • blood pressure cuff

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Telemedicine Cart

This flexible solution is preferred by physicians – it’s easy to maneuver and doesn’t require learning a new interface. Carts include:

  • all-in-one PC,
  • remote-control PTZ camera,
  • echo cancellation speaker + microphone,
  • optional devices (e.g. digital stethoscope, all-in-one scope for real-time device streaming)

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VSee Telemedicine Software

Web Workflows

Web-based Waiting Rooms and Clinics to easily connect doctors and patients online .

Fast document-sharing

Securely screen share and mark up lab tests, MRIs, treatment plans, or any documents together in real-time.

Peripheral device streaming

Stream USB stethoscopes, otoscopes, ultrasound images and see patients’ faces at the same time from your laptop.

HIPAA-compliant, encrypted

End-to-end 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 encryption where no servers have access to decryption keys. Learn more.

Far-end Camera Control

Control the patient-side camera from anywhere, so providers can zoom in on exactly what they need to see.

Supports mobile devices

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android devices including Kindle Fire. Works great over 3G networks.

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