Get Ahead of Pennsylvania Oct. 31 Deadline to Document Telehealth Visits & Consent with VSee-Credible EHR Integration

The Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) announced that the two-year COVID-19 holiday is over for telehealth providers. The flexibilities allowed by the Act 30 of 2022 will be terminated on October 31, 2022

Reinstated telehealth documentation regulations are as follows:   

  • The first key requirement is for the telehealth consent to be documented in the EHR. This means that verbal consent to treat, previously allowed, will no longer be an acceptable practice, and a permanent record of the consent must be stored for audit.  
  • The second key requirement is that the medical record must store the timestamp, duration, and proof of all telehealth visits.

We expect other states will follow Pennsylvania in implementing similar pre-pandemic telehealth policies.  Health providers should be careful of these compliance deadlines to avoid any legal penalties.

Even the Best Behavioral Health EHRs May Not Be Compliant for Telehealth Documentation

Credible EHR by Qualifacts is the leading behavioral health EHRs. It’s popular due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface. It was also recognized with the 2022 Best in KLAS Award for Software and Services. Credible offers several options for integrating telehealth, including Zoom, Mend, and its own native telehealth product. Unfortunately, each of these platforms are currently missing capabilities that would allow users to meet the Pennsylvania OMHSAS tracking requirements. For example, its Zoom integration does not offer the ability to automatically collect client identifiers and consent data that are now required.

VSee’s Credible EHR Integration Solution for Telehealth Compliance 

The VSee integration with Credible is fully compliant with Pennsylvania telehealth regulations. It is currently being used by our longtime client, the Chestnut Ridge Counseling Services (CRCSI). 

Not only does VSee allow CRCSI to meet the compliance requirements, it also allows them to streamline their copayment and signature collection. In addition, it provides tagging with auto-alert features for efficient queue management and call routing so they can easily balance workloads.  Their providers and patients have been very happy with the improved workflow. 

CRCSI IT Director, George Dukic commented, “I don’t see many of the EHRs out there being able to build a full-fledged [telehealth] product,” He added, “VSee is really superior; it basically has everything. Even people from Credible themselves tell us it’s the superior product.”

Here’s a quick demo of how CRCSI is using VSee with Credible:

Video courtesy of CRCSI

What Makes VSee Different?

VSee’s focus on user experience has allowed us to build a comprehensive low code, no code platform that can easily scale. It offers configurable building blocks to quickly fit any specific workflow or state requirement. To learn more about VSee’s integration with Credible and other EHR platforms, please contact a VSee telehealth expert today!

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